Jailed Black Disciples Boss Gets Sentence Reduction, Sees Light At End Of The Tunnel

August 20, 2020 – Imprisoned Chicago street gang leader Marvel (The Magnificent) Thompson got 15 years shaved off his federal prison sentence for narcotics trafficking via the First Step Act this week. The 52-year old Thompson was the No. 1 shot caller for the Black Disciples in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

U.S. District Court Judge Elaine Bucklo brought Thompson’s 45-year sentence down to a 30-year term Tuesday in federal court in Chicago. Thompson was arrested in 2004 and now has an out-date of 2029. He is part of a growing crop of Windy City gangland chiefs that have used the First Step Act to their advantage. The legislation was passed in 2018 and enacted to help non-violent offenders get sentence reductions from drug crimes.

Four of Thompson’s co-defendats have already benefited from the First Step Act, three of them released in the last 14 months. Thompson’s second-in-command, Donnell (Scandalous D) Jehan, just got five years sliced off his sentenced and is now scheduled to come home to the Windy City in 2025.

The feds nailed two dozen Black Disciples earlier this month on drug charges, including Thompson’s reputed successor Darnell (Murder) McMiller. The Black Disciples are one of Chicago’s highest profile street crews, having once been affiliated with the legendary Larry Hoover’s Gangster Disciples, the city’s biggest gang.

Hoover, locked up since the 1970s, is seeking relief from the First Step Ac himself as well, hoping to get paroled from the feds’ “Supermax” facility in Colorado on his drug charges back to a state prison in Illinois to just serve time for his 1973 murder conviction. A pair of Hoover’s top lieutenants were freed on First Step Act sentence reductions in the past year.

Chicago-born rapper and hip hop mogul Kanye West campaigned hard for the First Step Act legislation, visiting the White House on more than one occasion to discuss the topic with President Trump. West specifically championed Hoover, considered by authorities to be one of the country’s most influential and powerful crime lords even though he’s been behind bars for the last four and a half decades.

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