Hankton Boys Gang Turncoat “Beano” Hayes Slain In Big Easy Motel Triple Murder

August 19, 2020 – Brian (Beano) Hayes, a star witness at the 2016 narcotics and murder trial of New Orleans drug lord “Wild Telly” Hankton and Hankton’s top enforcer Walter (Mooney) Porter, was shot to death this summer. Wild Telly Hankton’s “Hankton Boys Gang” ran the dope trade in the Big Easy from the late 1990s up into the early 2010s.

The 41-year old Hayes was Porter’s right-hand man and childhood best friend. He was killed in an incident on July 3 at a Rodeway Inn & Suites in West Lake Forrest authorities believe was unconnected to his cooperation efforts. Two others were killed in the attack as well.

Hayes got a reduced sentence for his role in a pair of bank robberies he committed with Mooney Porter as a reward for his testimony. His 20-year sentence was cut to three years and he went free in 2017.

Hankton, 44, and Porter, 43, are both serving life prison terms. Porter did contract hits for Hankton, who was convicted of personally executing rival, Darnell (Durney) Stewart in 2008 on a crowded public street after knocking him down with his car following a high-speed chase. Stewart was suspected of killing George (G-Cup) Hankton, Wild Telly’s first cousin and Hankton Boys Gang co-founder months earlier.

Porter killed Stewart’s partner in the drug game, Jesse (Tu Tu) Reed, in a 2009 shooting where Porter’s signature two-clip approach was on full display and left 50 rounds at the scene. He joined the Hankton Boys Gang in the 2000s, as a prized “free agent” of sorts, employed specifically to be Wild Telly’s top hit man in a war against Stewart and Reed.

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