Sammy ‘the Bull’ Gravano is charging on Facebook, teases podcast

Sammy the Bull is living large — and loud.

Gangland’s most notorious rat, Salvatore Gravano has taken to social media to show off his new life of luxury in Arizona.

That’s him posing at the mike for a podcast he’s been touting, him enjoying the company of his grandchildren and gathering with family for a photo in the dining room.

The 75-year-old convicted killer and Gambino family turncoat has been working on his show at a slick new studio, promising to reveal the “the story behind the story” of his once bloodthirsty life.

The digs feature high-end recording equipment, a bright red neon sign in the shape of a bull and fake fireplace.

His postings include a photo of a suave-looking Sammy yapping into a microphone, decked out in designer shades and a black button-down shirt.

“My grandkids love my new Studio. Lights camera action,” he proclaimed on Facebook, garnering more than 1,000 likes and nearly 200 comments.

He’s also got a YouTube page and an Instagram account under the name @salvatoregravano_thebull, with more than 2,300 followers. “You get to ask me any question you can dream of,” he offered.

In an 84-second YouTube clip he explains why mobsters kill each other.

“That’s our rules. That’s the life. That’s Cosa Nostra,” he wrote.

The former underboss and close pal of Gambino godfather John Gotti has retired his weapons but hasn’t forgotten his past.

John Gotti (center) entering the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse with Sammy Gravano in 1986.
John Gotti (center) entering the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse with Sammy Gravano in 1986.Getty Images

A Facebook friend from Gravano’s Staten Island boyhood haunt reminded the Bull how much he once scared his neighbors.

“You would walk up and down my street and we would scatter lol,” posted the fan. “Also would never forget the 4th of July party you threw with the rides and everything across from your house. Glad to see all is well!!!”

“Those were the days,” Gravano answered.

He uploaded a grainy black and white surveillance shot of himself and Gotti talking business on the street.

“1989 FBI surveillance outside The Ravenite Social Club mulberry street Little Italy … Get ready to hear the story behind the story Our Thing Podcast coming soon,” he wrote.

At least he appears to be staying out of trouble.

After Gravano bolted New York for Arizona in 1995, ditching witness protection, he got busted for peddling ecstasy while installing pools under the assumed name Jimmy Moran.

And he nearly avoided being rubbed out when the late Dapper Don’s brother, Peter Gotti, sent a hit team to the Copper State to exact revenge for Gravano having testified in 1992 against John Gotti, who was convicted and died in jail a decade later.

The Bull spent 17 years in jail and was released early in 2017.

Gravano, who whacked 17 people during his reign and admitted in an interview last year that he considered killing Gotti, shared a shot of himself on Facebook from the day was sprung, clad in a white T-shirt, khakis and sneakers, sitting on a large stone patio, surrounded by family, with his granddaughter on his lap.

“In that photo … I’m still wearing my federally released clothing,” wrote Gravano.

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