Throwing Hands In Honolulu: The Night The NFL Pro Bowler Brawled With The Big Island Mob Boss

July 25, 2020 – NFL star offensive lineman Trent Williams went toe-to-toe with alleged Hawaiian crime boss Michael (Brother Mike) Miske and ended up in the emergency room and then on the sidelines for his first Pro Bowl back in 2013.

Williams, 32, is arguably the best right tackle in the game and has made seven straight Pro Bowls. Squaring off with Miske in a nightclub brawl probably wasn’t the best idea though and Williams had to be taken to the hospital for doctors to stich up his head after Miske, a career criminal with 10 convictions on his rap sheet, allegedly cracked him square in the forehead with a champaign bottle.

At the time of the altercation, Williams, a first-round NFL Draft pick out of Oklahoma in 2010, played for the Washington Redskins. He was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in April.

The 46-year old Miske and 10 co-defendants were indicted in a bulging federal RICO case last week filed in Honolulu, charged with murder, kidnapping, drug dealing, robbery and bank fraud. Two of those co-defendants, his half-brother and reputed No. 2 man John (Johnny Flat Top) Stancil and his bodyguard Michael (Mike B) Buntenbah, were arrested with him in the Williams assault.

According to police report and NFL security records, Williams was in a group of Pro Bowlers partying in the VIP section of the M nightclub in the early hours of January 26, 2013 that were asked to leave because of unruly behavior. Williams and others were spraying champaign and scuffled with the nightclub’s bouncers when approached about stopping. In the midst of the commotion, Miske hit Williams over the head with a bottle of Don Perignon and a bouncer tasered a member of the NFL entourage.

Staying true to the code of the streets, Williams refused to testify against Brother Mike Miske and his crew and the case was eventually dismissed in June of that year. Miske’s M nightclub was shut down in 2016 after numerous run-ins with the state’s liquor commission. Miske faces the death penalty if convicted in his RICO case.

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