Musitano Mafia Family Takes Another Hit, Fat Pat’s Pal Joins Him At The Morgue

July 23, 2020 – Canadian mob associate Grant Norton was murdered in London, Ontario, around the same time Hamilton mafia boss Pasquale (Fat Pat) Musitano was slain in Burlington. Norton and Musitano both owned minority stock in Havana Group Supplies, a sketchy construction firm in Hamilton.

The 59-year old Norton was on the lamb, dodging a fraud and theft indictment from back in March. A family member reported him missing July 12. He was last seen six days earlier. His remains were discovered on July 19.

Musitano, 53, was gunned down on the afternoon of July 10 in a furniture store parking lot. Court filings claim that Fat Pat, the boss of the Hamilton mafia since the late 1990s, received kickbacks from Havana Construction Supplies for dumping soil in rural Flamborough at another company’s facility.

The mob war in Canada has been running hot for over a decade now. The war started in Montreal in the 2000s. Unrest finally hit Hamilton in 2017 when Angelo (Big Ange) Musitano, Fat Pat’s baby brother, was murdered in his Waterdown, Ontario driveway. The Musitano brothers’ great uncle, Angelo (The Beast) Mustiano, founded the Musitano crime family in 1937.

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