COVID-19: Indigenous art kits designed to lift prison morale during pandemic

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Brown asked native elder Roberta Price if she could help put together the Indigenous medicine bundles.

“Helen knew I did this, so when they were putting together the plans for the care package, she called to ask if my sister Tad and I could create these bundles,” said Price. “I said, ‘Oh yeah, sure, how many?’ ‘Four hundred.’ And I went ‘Ohhhh, OK.’ ”

Price learned the power of the medicine bundles from another elder, Frank John.

“I always teach that when you have those moments of imbalance when you feel cranky, sad or angry, pick up your bundle and breathe in those sacred plants,” she said. “Because as Elder Fred says, when you breathe it in the sacred plants have the power to push away all negativity. When you breathe it in, it’ll help change your thoughts.”

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