The Simone DeCavalcante Family

Circa 1965-1995

By The Other Guy | July 13, 2020

Since the 1930s, this small Cosa Nostra group is the only true resident Mafia borgata to have ever been solely based in the State of New Jersey.

With an active membership originating in Ribera, Sicily, that ranged from thirty to forty-five inducted mafiosi at their 1960s peak, the DeCavalcante’s were always the smallest active Family in the Tristate area. The chart created below represents this membership over a forty year span, from the years 1965 through 1995.

For much of its existence, this borgata has always had the benefit of a very capable leadership. From early bosses Filippo Amari and Nicholas Delmore, to Simone DeCavalcante and John Riggi, they operated successfully.

And for over four decades they prospered…but as with all Cosa Nostra in recent times, the federal onslaught brought down on the DeCavalcante mob in the 1990s through the 2010s has devastated their ranks, and imprisoned many of their more capable members.

Infighting, jealousy and murder plots among the membership would also eat away at this once proud Cosa Nostra Family.

Here is what the Family looked like before the destabilization of Federal investigations, prosecutions, and subsequent imprisonments.

R = connotes Rat/Informant
K = connotes Killed
+ = elevated to hierarchy

Simone DeCavalcante

Acting Boss
John M. Riggi Sr.

John M. Riggi Sr. (acting)
Frank Majuri
Joseph LaSelva (CT)
Vincent Rotondo K

Frank Majuri
Stefano Vitabile

Former Representante
Filippo Amari
Nicholas Delmore
Giacomo Amari (acting)

Capo di decina

Joseph Caruano
Frank Cocchiaro
Paolo Farina
Joseph Giacobbe

Luciano Larasso
Joseph Lolordo
Girolamo Palermo
Michael Puglia


Virgil Alessi
Frank D’Amato
John D’Amato + K
Daniel Annunziata
Philip Abramo
Anthony Capo R
Antonio Caruso
Salvatore Caternicchio
Carmelo Cocchiaro
Russell Cocchiaro
Louis Consalvo
Carmelo Corsentino
Carlo Corsentino
Rudolph Farone
Joseph Ferrara
Giuseppe Galletta

Pietro Galletta
Angelo Gallo
James Gallo
Umberto Gallo
Charles Giacobbe
Lawrence Giacobbe
Joseph Guerrieri
Giovanni LaMela
Philip LaMela
Joseph La Sala
Anthony LaSelva
Thomas LaSelva
Charles Majuri +
Joseph Miranda +
Frank Nigro
Daniel Noto
Robert Occhipinti

Vincent Palermo R +
Emanuele Riggi Sr.
Emanuel Riggi
John Riggi Jr.
Vincent Riggi
Dominick Rizzo
Anthony Rotondo R
Frank Salerno
Joseph Scalfani
Giuseppe Schifilliti
Joseph Sferra
Charles Stango
Antonio Staiti
Louis Telese
Salvatore Timpani
Gaetano Vastola

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