Possible Hoffa Case Linchpin Dead, Moldea Spills Details On ’19 Affidavit

July 9, 2020 — Acclaimed author and veteran investigative journalist Dan Moldea revealed what retired New Jersey wiseguy Frank Cappola said in his October 2019 affidavit regarding his knowledge of the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance and murder. According to Cappola, his father Paul, was responsible for burying Hoffa’s body 45 years ago this month at the PJP Landfill in Jersey City.

Frank Cappola died of a respiratory ailment on March 16 at 63 years old. Moldea is the world’s foremost expert on the fabled Hoffa case, having written the seminal book on the subject, The Hoffa Wars.

Hoffa was the longtime president of the Teamsters union. The hard-headed, fiery labor chief went missing on the afternoon of July 30, 1975, on his way to a lunch meeting with a pair of mob capos in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan to discuss his plans to take back the union after stepping down from his leadership post to get out of a prison term early via a White House sentence commutation.

The problem was the same mafiosi that had put him into power in the 1950s didn’t want him to reclaim the Teamster presidency and the mob capos, Detroit mafia street boss Anthony (Tony Jack) Giacalone and New Jersey crew skipper Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano, he was scheduled to meet for the sit down never showed up. Hoffa, 62, was last seen getting into Tony Jack’s son’s car in the parking lot of the Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, a high-end suburb less than 10 miles north of Detroit city limits.

Paul Cappola co-owned PJP Landfill in New Jersey with mobster Philip (Brother) Moscato, the top loan shark in Tony Pro’s Jersey City crew and one of the most prolific juice loan men on the east coast. Frank Cappola, a one-time right hand man to Provenzano lieutenant, Vinnie Ravo, told his son in 1989 where and how Hoffa was buried, per the younger Cappola’s affidavit.

Neither Cappola was considered a “made man” by law enforcement. Frank Cappola claims he was present at PJP as a teenager when Hoffa’s body arrived for disposal.

Moldea developed Brother Moscato as a source in the final years of Moscato’s life. Moscato admitted to having Hoffa buried on the property, but wouldn’t divulge the exact location. The FBI searched the dump shortly after Hoffa went missing however didn’t find anything.

Moscato, who died of cancer in 2014, told Moldea that Tony Giacalone’s brother and fellow Detroit mob capo Vito (Billy Jack) Giacalone picked Hoffa up in his nephew’s car at the Red Fox, Tony Provenzano’s right hand man Salvatore (Sally Bugs) Briguglio shot him in the back of the head at a nearby private residence and then his body was driven to the Moscato landfill in a Gateway Transportation truck. Gateway Transportation was owned by Teamster goon Rolland (Big Mac) McMaster, a Hoffa confidant-turned-rival from Detroit.

Paul Cappola passed away from natural causes in 2008. Right before he died, he gave his son the particulars on Hoffa’s burial.

Moldea made contact with Frank Cappola last year. In the fall of 2019, Cappola took Moldea on a tour of what used to be the PJP Landfill and is now a state park and wildlife preserve and pointed out where his father told him Hoffa’s final resting place is.

The affidavit Cappola executed on October 7 stated the following:

A limousine showed up the day after Hoffa went missing at PJP carrying an unidentified number of men and was met by Moscato and Paul Cappola. Frank Cappola was working a summer job at PJP at the time and saw limo pull in and witnessed the ensuing interaction.

Moscato approached the vehicle and had a conversation with the men inside.

During the conversation, Moscato pointed to a part of the property he wanted Hoffa buried at, resulting in Cappola becoming worried due to the constant FBI surveillance of the landfill and exclaiming, “Great, now the whole fucking world is going to know.”

Brother Moscato had business to attend to off the property and assigned Paul Cappola to take care of the burial at a pre-excavated spot in the northeast part of the landfill.

Later that night, Paul Cappola dug a second hole without telling Moscato in an effort to disguise the burial in case anyone was watching the previous conversation where Moscato pointed to a pre-dug hole in the ground.

Hoffa’s body was placed head first into a 55-gallon industrial steel drum and dropped into the second hole by Paul Cappola using a front-loader machine.

Before filling in the hole, Cappola used the front loader to place 15 to 20 chemical drums on top of the steel drum containing Hoffa and left a marker on surface of grave site.

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