Wild West Breaks Out In West Bloomfield: Shootout In The Suburbs Tied To Detroit Dope Game

June 21, 2020 – According to sources, a drug beef led to Omar Coney and Demetrius Sanders trying to kill Tony Yasso last week as he arrived home at his residence in West Bloomfield, Michigan, an affluent suburb of Detroit.

The botched hit turned into a shootout and Yasso killed Sanders on his front lawn instead. Coney, a convicted felon sporting a long rap sheet, was arrested in the minutes after the shooting due to a 911 tip identifying his black-colored Dodge Charger fleeing from the scene. Yasso and Coney were both wounded in the incident. A piece of paper with Yasso’s name and address on it was found in Coney’s vehicle.

The attempted murder and home invasion were a result of a marijuana deal gone bad between Yasso and members of a Detroit drug crew, per sources. Coney, 47, is being held on a 1.5 million-dollar bond. Sanders was 37. Brandishing weapons, they had accosted the 31-year old Yasso as he walked from his garage to his front door. Yasso was armed and starting blasting. He was treated for his gun shot wound at a local hospital and released.

Yasso, who is an Iraqi Christian, owns two Happy’s Pizza franchises in Detroit. Happy’s Pizza was founded by Happy Asker in the 1990s and today has dozens of outlets all throughout the Midwest. Asker’s cousin, Sal, was a member of the Iraqi mob in Detroit in the 1980s and acted a driver for then-street boss Harry (The Blonde) Kalasho.

Shortly after Kalasho was slain in a gangland hit in 1989, Sal Asker entered the Witness Protection Program and went on to become the star witness at a big forthcoming trial. The Iraqi mob controlled drug and gambling activity in Northwest Detroit and the surrounding suburbs at that time. In April 1997, Asker was lured back to Detroit and killed in the hours following giving a taped recantation of his testimony at an attorney’s office.

The DEA has investigated the Happy’s Pizza franchise for drug links. Happy was nailed for tax fraud and sent to prison for three years (2015-2018). One federal document from 2016 contended that the majority of Happy’s Pizza 54 franchisees had criminal backgrounds and were either convicted or suspect narcotics dealers.

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