Getaway driver in assault on retired police Mafia expert did it for drugs, court told

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Jacques told the interrogator that he agreed to drive for St. Jean to feed a drug habit he has had “since he was a teenager,” Parapuf said.

When St. Jean was interrogated, he was shown photos collected during the investigation. He was asked if the men intended to kill Poletti and he replied with: “I think the photos speak for themselves. If we wanted to kill him, he’d be dead.”

Jacques used his 2014 Nissan Sentra, registered in his name, for the job. A security camera near Poletti’s home recorded the moments when the three men headed for Poletti’s home and when they returned to the Sentra. A neighbour of Poletti’s witnessed as the men piled into the car in a hurry and suspected something was wrong. He followed the Sentra in his own vehicle and managed to read Jacques’s licence plate. It was that information that led police to arrest four men, including Jacques, at an intersection near the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Longueuil, eight hours after the attack. One of the men, a resident of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, was released without being charged. Parapuf said it is believed the man was not involved in the attack.

When the Sentra was searched, police found a loaded and prohibited firearm that had been stolen during a break-in in LaSalle last year along with 16 other firearms. The firearm was inside a Nike Air Jordan gym bag that Jacques said St. Jean had handled often on the day of the attack. The police also found small amounts of various drugs inside the Sentra.

The bail hearing will resume on June 26.

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