A Brazen Act Of Violence: Cop Shooting In Chicago Brings Gangster Disciple Back Into Custody

June 18, 2020 — Chicago gang member Steven (Little Stevie) McGee was arrested this week on four counts of attempted murder after the Gangster Disciples solider opened fire on a squad car full of police. Police were in pursuit of an on-foot McGee in the 5000 block of South King Drive when he pulled out a handgun and fired at their unmarked vehicle.

McGee was wanted in connection to an aggravated assault with a weapon from June 10. There are conflicting reports as to whether the one officer injured in the attack was shot in the leg or just suffered a knee contusion.

Following the shooting , McGee fled inside a nearby building and had a three-hour standoff with the Chicago Police Department SWAT team until he was finally brought into custody peacefully. To get into the building, he shot out the glass front door and lobby enclosure. McGee is currently on parole for a 2015 armed robbery conviction. Cook County Circuit Judge Arthur Willis denied McGee bond Wednesday.

The legendary Larry Hoover formed the Gangster Disciples in 1969 on the South Side of Chicago when he merged his Supreme Gangsters crew with David Barksdale’s Black Disciples gang. Hoover has run the organization, today with membership in the tens of thousands and a presence in multiple states across the Midwest and down South, from behind bars for the last 47 years, since his arrest for a 1973 gangland murder.

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