Mafia Drug Dealer Leaves Prison In Montreal, Let Go Into Chaotic Terrain

June 14, 2020 – Montreal mobster Vincenzo (Vinnie Black) Armeni was paroled from prison this week after serving 14 years for a drug bust he took while out on parole for another narcotics conspiracy case from the 1990s. Some of those closest to his heart are no longer around to welcome him home.

Armeni, 63, returns to a Canadian mafia landscape torn apart by war, a blood feud between the sitting Rizzuto crime family and a group of loosely banded-together dissidents raging for more than a decade now. Several victims of the war were Vinnie Black’s mentors and partners in the mob. One of the them was his own brother-in-law.

The Parole Board of Canada granted Armeni his release late last month. He was convicted of trafficking 160 kilos of cocaine in 1998. Then, in 2006, he was nailed in another coke case only months after his release on his first coke case. The board denied Vinnie Black his bid for freedom at a 2016 hearing.

Prior to his incarceration, Armeni was linked to Montreal mob leaders Agostino Cuntrera, Moreno (The Turkey) Gallo and Giuseppe (Smiling Joe) Di Maulo. Cuntrera was the Rizzuto crime family’s acting boss in the 2000s, Di Maulo and Gallo were considered capos.

When the war broke out, Cuntrera sided with sitting boss Vito Rizzuto and Di Maulo and Moreno sided against Rizzuto. Cuntrera was killed in 2010. Di Maulo was gunned down in 2012 and Gallo in 2013 in Mexico. Armeni’s brother-in-law, button man Tony Callocchio, backed Di Maulo’s play and was shot to death as he ate lunch in a trendy suburban bistro in December 2014.

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