Retired Montreal police specialist in Mafia assaulted at his home

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A retired Montreal police investigator who specialized in investigating the Montreal Mafia was assaulted by three men at his home in LaSalle on Friday.

Pietro Poletti said his assailants managed to deliver several blows using blunt objects after he answered his front door shortly after 10 a.m. But he was more concerned about his 87-year-old mother, who was slightly injured in the assault but, fortunately, did not require a trip to the hospital.

“If they wanted to take something out on me, take it out on me. But don’t take it out on my mother. They were thugs sent by thugs,” Poletti told the Montreal Gazette hours after the attack. He was at a loss to find a possible motive for what happened. He required several stitches to close a wound next to his left eye, but did not have to be hospitalized.

The tires on Poletti’s vehicle, parked outside his home, were slashed and one of the men uttered “shoot him, shoot him” during the attack, but Poletti did not see a firearm. The men fled the scene in a dark-coloured vehicle.

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