The 10 Best Gangster Movies Of All-Time (Not Named ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Goodfellas’)

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, Indian poster art, Manoj Bajpayee (top center), 2012. ©Viacom 18/Courtesy
Photo: Everett Collection

Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s masterpiece is another four-hour-plus monster that, like Lang’s film, was split into two films for meek distributors intimidated by its length. A sprawling, delirious, decades-spanning crime epic covering the rises and falls of three crime families fighting over, essentially, coal fortunes. Shot in Varanasi, Bihar, and Chunar, the picture is alive with regional specificities of dialect, music, and interpersonal politics. At once universal and specific, then, Kashyap makes a film to rival Hong Kong’s Infernal Affairs and The Conformist.

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