Toronto Mafia Chief Jimmy DeMaria Has No-Contact Order For Operation Canadian ‘Ndranghetta 2 Crew

May 24, 2020 – The men Toronto mob boss Jimmy DeMaria must stay away from on home confinement awaiting deportation proceedings were all indicted in “Operation Canadian ‘Ndranghetta Connection 2” out of Italy last year. DeMaria, 66, had been in prison for six years on a parole violation until his release last month and detainment by the Canadian Border Service Agency.

The Immigration and Refugee Board ordered DeMaria released to home confinement Wednesday. A decision on whether he’ll be deported back to his native Italy is expected this summer. Per the Immigration and Refugee Board’s release order this week, DeMaria is barred from contact with eight alleged mafia figures, including his baby brother, 56-year old Joe.

Jimmy DeMaria leads the ‘Ndranghetta crime family in Ontario. He was jailed in 2014 for violating his lifetime parole from a 1980s murder conviction. Royal Canadian Mounted Police surveillance units observed DeMaria attending two weddings of family members in 2013 in which fellow mob leaders attended – a violation of his parole restrictions – and informed his parole officer.

DeMaria served his prison time in a Kingston, Ontario facility. “Operation Canadian ‘Ndranghetta Connection 2” was filed in Italy in August of 2019 and named his brother Joe DeMaria, his cousin, Mike Carabetta and Toronto organized crime figures Angelo (Don Angelino) Figliomeni, Cosimo (Mino) Figliomeni, Rocco (Remo) Commisso and Luigi (The Undertaker) Vescio and Calabrian mobsters Frank (The Chosen) Commisso, Vincenzo Mula and Giuseppe (Pino) Gregaraci, among others, in the racketeering conspiracy. Jimmy DeMaria is prohibited from any form of contact with all the aforementioned men, except Gregaraci, who is deceased.

The Figliomeni brothers are alleged to lead a faction of the Toronto mafia. Remo and Frank Commisso are major players in the Commisso wing of the Ontario underworld headed by Cosimo (The Quail) Commisso. Frank Commisso has residences in both Ontario and Siderno. Luigi Vescio owns a chain of funeral parlors in the Toronto area and is considered an advisor to Jimmy DeMaria.

In late-March 2019, Vincenzo Mula and Pino Gregaraci flew from Italy to Toronto on a mission to find details regarding why Mula’s little brother Carmelo (Mino) Mula, was killed in Siderno a year previous, according to court files. The Figliomeni brothers met with them on Jimmy DeMaria’s behalf and then Vescio, who had chauffeured Mula and Gregaraci from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to their sitdown with the Figliomenis, then drove himself to visit DeMaria in order to relay what was said at the sitdown. Vincenzo Mula’s cell phone was bugged by Italian law enforcement and the bulk of his conversations on the trip were recorded.

Gregaraci committed suicide in his jail cell back in January. The Figliomeni brothers operate out of the Toronto suburb of Vaughan and had outstanding warrants for their arrests in Italy before the Operation Canadian ‘Ndranghetta Connection 2 landed last summer.

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