The Joseph Colombo Family

Circa 1980- 1990

By The Other Guy | May 22, 2020

1988 – United States Senate Hearings before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on Organized Crime in America: 25 Years After Valachi

Extensive FBI surveillance and intelligence reported the following as the membership list during this time. The membership averaged approximately 125+/- formal inducted members for the period.

Side Note: Of the 169 men listed below some would die during the year of 1980 and throughout the decade. A few others were old, ill and inactive. Some were newly inducted. But regardless, most members were young enough to be active and served the borgata at one point or another.

Additionally, with the repeated massive indictments that came down against the Family from 1984 forward, various members would be elevated and moved around to serve as capos or within the three-man triangle hierarchy while the “official” leadership was incapacitated.

By late 1990 into 1991, this network found itself heading toward an internal civil war (its third in forty years) that would rage from mid-1991 through 1993. It was a battle for supremacy between factions that the Colombo’s have never fully recovered from.

Loyalists of Carmine Persico vs. those of Victor Orena fought a bloody two-year gangland war that tore at the very fabric of the Family. It essentially destroyed them from within.

The flow-chart created below shows the hierarchy and all inducted membership while they were still intact, before the outbreak of war and the destabilization it would later cause the Family.

All were reputed members at some point during this decade.

denotes informant *
denotes killed ~

Carmine Persico

Gennaro Langella

Alphonse Persico


Thomas DiBella
Vincent Aloi
Dominick Montemorano
Victor Orena Sr.
Andrew T. Russo

John Franzese Sr.
Benedetto Aloi
Salvatore J. Profaci
Alphonse C. Persico
Anthony Scarpati


Anthony Abbatemarco
Pasquale Amorosa
Anthony Augello ~
Anthony Bolino
Joel Cacace
Gaspare Cammarata
John Capichano
Pasquale Catalano
James Clemenza Sr
Joseph Clemenza
John Commarato
Girolamo D’Agati
Paul D’Amico
John J. DeRoss Sr.
Edward Fanelli ~
Salvatore Fontana
Michael Franzese *
Frank Fusco
Philip Gambino
Angelo Greca ~
Vito Guzzo Sr. ~
Anthony Induisi
Ernest La Ponzina
Joseph Legrano
Benjamin LoCicero
Salvatore Lombardino Jr.
Joseph Lupo
Nicholas Mainello
Salvatore Mangiamelli
Frank Melia
John Minerva ~
Joseph Monteleone
Rosario Nastasa ~
Victor Orena Jr.
Carmine Panarello
Joseph Peraino
Theodore Persico Sr.
Ralph Piccirillo
James Randazzo Jr. ~
Philip Rossillo
Vincent Russo
Modesto Santora
Michael Savino
Gregory Scarpa Jr. *
John Scimone
Ralph Scopo Jr.
Carmine Sessa *
Nicoline Sorrentino
Thomas Spero ~
Joseph Tomasello
George Tropiano
Joseph Vitacco

Sebastiano Aloi
Vincent Angellino ~
Robert Barbieri
Michael Bolino
Aurelio Cagno
Frank Campione
Joseph Carna
Dominick Cataldo
Fred Clemenza
Anthony Colombo
Anthony Crivello
Benedetto D’Alessandro
Joseph DeDomenico ~
Domenico Esposito
Thomas Farese
Philip Fontana
Salvatore Fusco
Joseph Gentile
Joseph Gorgone
Vincent Gugliaro
Joseph Iannaci
Joseph Juliano Jr.
Joseph LaRosa
Frank Leto
Paul Lombardino
Ralph Lombardo
Ambrose Magliocco
Louis Malpeso
John Matera ~
Frank Melli
Rocco Miraglia Sr.
Vincent Muce Jr.
Thomas C. Ocera ~
Pasquale Palermo
John Pate *
Joseph Peraino Jr. *
Theodore Persico Jr.
Frank Politi
Nicholas Rizzo
Joseph Russo
William Russo
John Saponaro
Gregory Scarpa Sr. *
Anthony Scianna
Frank Sciortino
Joseph Scopo ~
Michael Sessa
Joseph Spatoliatore
James Spitaliere
Frank Tormenia
Frank Tummillo
Joseph Yacovelli

Pasquale Amato
Joseph Audino
Paul Bevacqua *
Joseph P. Brancato
Rocco Cagno *
Peter Campisi
Vincent Cascio
Alphonse Cirillo
Gerard Clemenza
Joseph A. Colombo Jr.
William Cutolo Sr. ~
Alphonse D’Ambrosio
Leonard Dello
Robert J. Falvo
Bartolo Ferrigno
Carmine Franzese
Richard Fusco
Thomas Gioeli
Nicholas Grancio ~
Dennis Guzzardo *
Salvatore Imperiale
Lorenzo Lampasi Jr. ~
Gioacchino Leale ~
Frank LoCicero
Rosario Lombardino
Charles Lombardo
Antonio Magliocco
Anthony Maltese
Vincenzo Melia
Salvatore Miciotta *
Giovanni Misuraca
Frank Mussachio
John Orena
Charles Panarella
Anthony Peraino
Salvatore Peritore
Thomas Petrizzo
Vincenzo Randazzo Sr.
John Rosati
Anthony Russo
Joseph Sangiorgio
Joseph Saponaro
Salvatore Scarpa ~
James Scianna
Ralph Scopo Sr.
Alphonse Serrantonio
Dominick Somma ~
Angelo Speciale
John Staluppi
Ralph Tropiano ~
Vincent Santo Vingo
Joseph R. Zorzi

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