Jesse In The Sky With Diamonds: Ex Pagans MC VP Dies With Reputation For Being Against Drugs

May 22, 2020 – Former Pagans Motorcycle Club chief Floyd (Diamond Jesse) Moore died this spring at 75 in Charleston, West Virginia. Moore was the club’s national vice president for much of the 2000s. DEA records note Diamond Jesse’s anti-drug stance in the club, a rarity in outlaw biker circles.

Moore pleaded guilty to racketeering charges, including extortion, gambling and attempted murder, stemming from a 2009 indictment where he was named as the No. 2 defendant in a sweeping 44-count federal RICO case that ensnared 55 Pagans members and associates from across the country. The No. 1 defendant in the case was Pagans’ then national president David (Black Bart) Barbeito out of Myersville, Maryland.

Because of Moore’s felony record, he couldn’t carry a firearm, so he kept his bodyguards on hand at all times, and drove around in a bullet-proof Cadillac SUV. One of his bodyguards was his son Elmer (Tramp) Moore. The other was Charleston chapter president Richard (Lucky) Weaver.

Diamond Jesse Moore received a 5-year prison sentence in the ’09 case and was released in August of 2014. Barbeito, 60, did less than a three-piece and was out by late 2011.

The power in the Pagans MC today lies with New York’s Keith (Conan the Barbarian) Richter, who headquarters out of the Long Island chapter and has been national president since 2016. Moore’s funeral was in April.

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