Still Scrapping On Socials: 50 Cent Not Buying Irv Gotti’s Excuses In Failing To Pay Back BMF Alleged Debt

May 16, 2020 — New York music mogul Irv Gotti needs more time to repay a debt owed to Black Mafia Family boss Terry (Southwest T) Flenory, according to a post rapper and actor 50 Cent made on his Instagram Thursday.

Earlier this week, Gotti denied owing Flenory any money after a series of social media posts by 50 Cent in the wake of Flenory leaving prison alleged Gotti had borrowed cash from Flenory in California in the years before Flenory got locked up. Gotti is estimated to be worth $15,000,000.

“Irv Gotti’s punk ass checked in, so he needs to workout a payment plan. Talking about we’re in a pandemic. Fuck that, where the money?,” 50 Cent posted.

Terry Flenory, 50, was released from federal prison six years early last week due to Coronavirus concerns in the BOP. 50 Cent is producing a scripted television series on Flenory and his older brother “Big Meech,” detailing their founding of the historic Black Mafia Family and their rise to the top of the American dope game.

Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory, a fabled drug don in the pantheon of the country’s criminal elite, is trying to use the pandemic to vault himself to freedom as well. He’s scheduled to see the judge in his case next week. The Flenorys were toppled in the DEA’s 2005 Operation Motor City Mafia case. They both pleaded guilty and received 30-year prison terms. In 2018, Southwest T was granted a sentence reduction and had six years shaved off his bid.

Gotti ran Murder, Inc. records, a best-selling rap label in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and has gone on to a career in television, starring in a reality show on VH1 and producing the Tales docu-series on BET. He and 50 Cent have been engaged in a longtime beef, linked to bad blood between Gotti’s signature artist, rival rapper Ja Rule and Murder, Gotti associate, Queens drug lord Kenny (Supreme) McGriff, who 50 Cent once worked for.

When Flenory walked free last Tuesday, 50 Cent unleashed an Instagram tirade towards people in the rap world he feel owed Flenory and BMF money, including Gotti and Sean (Puffy) Combs.

“Yo Irv, you best be coming up with that bread you borrowed from Big T in Encino, you sucka ass nigga. You didn’t go see him or put nothing on his books. Yeah, he home now, so you can stretch out to him or get stretched out. Take your time getting to the bank. No hurry, just have what you owe him by Monday.”

50 Cent continued his keyboard attack on Gotti at the start of this week.

“Boy, you best be coming up with that money you borrowed, it’s Monday, fool. Irv Gotti, pay your debt. How you borrow a million dollars from niggas, see them get 30 years and don’t put nothing on the books. That 30 sounded like forever, didn’t it? Well, Southwest T home now bitch.”

Gotti responded late Monday night on his own Instagram account with a lengthy, unequivocal rebuttal.

“Everyone. Please stop Entertaining Clowns. I do not have any time or energy to Entertain clowns. Me, Irv Gotti does not owe anyone a Penny. Happy to hear T is home. Hoping my nigga Meech comes home as well. Stop with the NONSENSE……Like i hate that I have to post this…… If y’all don’t know by now that homie is a clown and on my dick and will say or do anything for attention. I do not owe T or any man a penny. That’s not who I am. Me and T are cool. Let T say I owe him a penny or he gave me money. That will never happen….. Now please. Stop entertaining homie the clown. And his lies and Bullshit. I’m focused. Back to doing what I’m doing. And living my life. As MAN!! I have a lot of shit to do. No energy or time for clown shit….I never took 1 penny from him. I have always been super cool with my BMF niggas. That goes for T. And it definitely goes for MEECH. With whom I had a closer relationship with. Nothing but Love and Respect. So until you hear T say something. Stop with the clown shit. Happy your Home T. Hope Meech comes Home too.”

The Flenory brothers founded BMF in their hometown of Detroit in 1990, rocketing themselves to the forefront of the U.S. drug economy by the dawning of the New Millennium. Using Motown, Atlanta and L.A. as their hubs, the Flenorys branded BMF like a designer fashion product and expanded all over the country, establishing territory in 23 different states and planting itself in the center of the burgeoning new hip-hop era built on the glorification of drug dealing culture and material wealth.

Gotti, 49, was indicted for money laundering on behalf of legendary New York drug kingpin Kenny (Supreme) McGriff, but acquitted of the charges at a 2005 trial. McGriff headed the Supreme Team crack empire in Queens, the borough Gotti and 50 Cent were both born and raised in.

Per DEA records and NYPD informant files, 50 Cent once worked for McGriff and McGriff ordered him killed. McGriff was convicted of ordering two murders in 2001 and is doing life in prison. 50 Cent survived the hit and leveraged the “being shot 9 times” narrative to his advantage in cultivating credibility early in his meteoric rise to rap superstardom in 2003.

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