Cocaine Kingpin Fabito Ochoa Looking For Early Out-Date From Federal Judge

April 25, 2020 — Colombian drug lord Fabio (Fabito) Ochoa Vasquez is trying to get out of a federal prison in the United States five years earlier because of COVID-19 virus concerns. The 62-year old in the final stretch of a three-decade term for narcotics-trafficking and is the youngest son of “Don Fabio” Ochoa Restrepo, the historic horse-breeding cocaine baron who was one of the founding members of the Medellin cartel.

Fabito Ochoa Vasquez and his two brothers, Jorge and Juan, ran the South Florida wing of the cartel and lived in Miami throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. He was convicted in a federal drug conspiracy case in 2003 after leaving back for Colombia in the 1990s and being extradited to Miami for trial in 2001. Don Fabio died of natural causes the months following his son’s extradition.

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