The Poisonous New Rackets of Federal Informants

By MS | April 20, 2020

Lately, there has been a surge of rat-related propaganda invading our lives. You can’t even watch a news program without being inundated with promos about some lame new reality show that just hit the airwaves. Podcasts also seem to be another outlet with a couple of old and new rat playmates making their mark. And don’t forget the guy who preaches his Christianity all the while milking his famous name. After all, that name is gold.

Unfortunately, the public eats it up like it’s the last piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day. But it’s also the public paying the price for them to live their new, “good” life.

They kept their money when they were in “the life” (maybe even getting a few extra bucks from the feds for their “help”). And if they didn’t have money, the government most assuredly took care of that problem when they flipped. And now, these simplistic tellers of tall tales are still making their money (maybe even more) because the public just won’t shut them off.

But what the public should ask themselves is why are they willing to feed into the skewed, narcissistic, and bullshit narratives being put out by these swamp rats? Why trust the word of half-wits who obviously couldn’t be trusted when it mattered?

All of these rats claim they’re trying to change their life around and do something positive for society. Yet, the only thing they seem to do is rehash stories from the past which are most likely overinflated half-truths designed to make them look more important than they really were.

Sure, interspersed between all their tall tales are messages of “hope” and “regret,” but if they regretted it so much, why is ninety percent of their stories reminiscing about their life in “the life?” They almost sound like a grandpa talking about the good old days. And some of them even laugh about their former crimes – a little sick to say the least, especially when they’re laughing about shooting someone in the head.

So, isn’t all of this hypocritical and the complete opposite of what they claim to be the reasons why they switched sides?

If these rats are so embarrassed and ashamed of who they were and what they did that they had to turn to Christianity, why hasn’t the holy one changed his name? Why does he need to make sure everyone knows who his famous father was?

Why do the rat pals continue to name drop their former famous alliances in every podcast and interview they give and every book they write? Why laugh about their crimes?

Why not just be anonymous and talk in generalities?

Why is a master rat whoring out his granddaughter on national television in hopes of keeping her “out of the life?” Is that what grandpas are supposed to do?

Why are these degenerates and lowlifes doing any of this? Because it’s all about the money, honey.

None of these fools you see in the public eye with their television shows and podcasts and speaking tours ever had any intention of changing their lives. They just found an easy way out of their prison sentence by bending over to the will of the federal government.

They can make any excuse they want for why they turned their back on their “former life,” but don’t think for a minute they didn’t see the dollar signs in their eyes when they started squawking.

No matter what they say, what they’re doing now is nothing more than a racket – a poisonous and legal one.

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