Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Film Gets a Streaming Release Date and New Name

The Al Capone biopic starring Tom Hardy just received a new title and an updated release plan. Capone, formerly titled Fonzo, will now be available for streaming starting next month. Josh Trank, the film’s director, shared a clip from the movie on Twitter this afternoon to reveal the new title and VOD release date, May 12. (UPDATE: Capone is now available to stream on demand.)

Trank, who previously directed Chronicle and Fantastic Four, followed up his tweet with more information about the film’s new release, explaining that Capone “Will be on streaming!” Trank tweeted that his film was “Planned as theatrical, but hopefully will be on the big screen later this year.”

Capone was first announced in 2016. The biographical drama follows the notorious gangster in his later years after his decade-long prison stay at United States Penitentiary, Atlanta. The trailer Trank posted today shows Capone as fewer people know him, when the formerly powerful, fearsome man is suffering from syphilis-induced dementia and is grappling with his past crimes at age 47. Hardy is nearly unrecognizable behind the makeup, scars and accent he puts on to play his character. Linda Cardellini stars as Mae, Capone’s wife, along with Jack Lowden, who plays an FBI agent trying to get Capone back behind bars. The rest of the cast includes Matt Dillon, Noel Fisher and Kyle MacLachlan.

Vertical Entertainment secured the rights to Capone and plans to release it digitally for streaming this summer. Trank assured fans in his tweet that the version of his film being released would be “my cut.” Trank clashed with studio executives in the past over editing his work on Fantastic Four in 2015.

You can watch the trailer for Capone in Trank’s tweet above. Capone will be available for streaming May 12.

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