COVID-19: Labour and delivery during a health care crisis

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Requests for home births have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began, says the president of the Midwives Association of B.C.

“People are mindful of infection prevention and social distancing and we have received requests for virtual visits and increased requests for home births,” said Alixandra Bacon.

Expectant mothers infected with COVID-19 should follow recommendations for hospital births, said Bacon, adding that her association is working closely with health authorities to ensure the safety of clients, and are creating an info page for their website for expectant mothers.

Bacon is following increased infection prevention and control protocols in her clinic, and has shortened appointments to allow a gap between clients for increased cleaning and disinfection.

In addition, midwives are following all guidelines to identify at risk clients, and are prepared to take precautions if someone presents with symptoms, including goggles, mask, gloves and gown.

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