GR Sources: Mob Chief Albie Vena Didn’t Have View To A Kill At Chicago Mafia Home Office In Feb Bar Murder

March 15, 2020 — Reputed Chicago mob street boss Albert (Albie the Falcon) Vena was not present last month at his Richard’s Bar headquarters on the Windy City’s near westside when a murder occurred outside its doors, multiple sources say. He or someone working on his behalf, did however, according to two different sources, try to leverage contacts in the Chicago Police Department in an attempt to influence the investigation.

As first reported by Gangster Report, an FBI surveillance unit witnessed the fatal altercation between patrons at Richard’s Bar just before Midnight on February 21 while on-duty watching the longtime Grand Avenue crew hangout from a squad car parked across the street. Furthermore, according to sources, the feds had to intervene in Cook County and press for action in the case. For the past number of years, Vena has been Public Enemy No. 1 in the FBI’s war against the Outfit.

Earlier this month, Thomas Tansey, 30, was charged in state court with stabbing Kenny Paterimos to death with a box cutter in the on the sidewalk in front of Richard’s Bar after being kicked out for throwing a homophobic slur at Paterimos inside the establishment minutes prior. After being apprehended at the scene by Paterimos brother and turned over to Chicago police, he was questioned and released within 72 hours. Vena usually leaves the bar at around 9:30 p.m., per sources, and was “livid” when he heard about what happened, knowing that he is already under a microscope.

Whether or not Tansey has any connection to Vena’s mob crew or Vena himself is unknown. Tansey, who has a history of violent behavior, told police he stabbed Paterimos in self defense. In 2016, Tansey was convicted of assault in suburban Arlington Heights and received probation.

Richard’s Bar and the La Scrola Italian restaurant next door has been the headquarters of the Grand Avenue mob crew since the 1990s when it was run by the legendary Joey (The Clown) Lombardo. Shortly after Lombardo’s arrest in 2006 in the epic Operation Family Secrets, several sources claim the diminutive, highly feared Albie Vena, called the most dangerous man walking the streets of Chicago today, assumed control of the crew. Lombardo died of natural causes in prison back in October.

Multiple sources say at some point in the past decade, Vena, 71, was promoted to overall street boss of Windy City mob affairs. Grand Avenue crew soldiers and associates are known to carry box cutters for enforcement duties claim sources.

Vena has been the target of a multi-agency investigation into racketeering and a series of cold case gangland murders for the last several years. Reputed Grand Avenue affiliate Bobby Dominic owns the building where Richard’s Bar and La Scrola is located.

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