Karma’s a Bitch! Former New York D.A. Thomas Spota’s Crime Family Comes Crumbling Down

by MS | March 9, 2020

The “head” of the “Inner Circle” crime Family, former Suffolk County D.A., Thomas “Wimpy Soprano” Spota doing the perp walk.

A new “mafia” case recently played out in New York, and it’s one that many probably have never heard about. But this “Family” might be one of the biggest in New York with an Italian guy who “heads” an “administration” and says things that are very similar to the many cases of “organized crime” we have read about over the years.

The only difference is that this “Family” was made up of upstanding “purveyors of justice” which includes a district attorney, some of his staff, and many members of law enforcement. And they had been operating in the shadows for over TEN years as part of the county’s criminal intelligence unit (NO JOKE.)

The head of this “Inner Circle”, as they called themselves, was none other than former Suffolk County (New York) District Attorney, Thomas “Wimpy Soprano” Spota, who was the top prosecutor in that county for 15 years, representing 1.5 million residents.

In 2001, he was elected to his position on a platform of anti-corruption and proceeded to make it his business to target reputed members of “organized crime,” charging them with extortion, loansharking, illegal gambling, and numerous other crimes.

It seems that maybe “Wimpy Soprano” Spota and his crime Family might have wanted to muscle in on other reputed Families in the area – such as the Luccheses and the Colombos, who only have an alleged membership of 200 or so combined – to take a bigger piece of the pie.

As one witness said, the Spota Crime Family “would destroy enemies financially, personally and professionally, even going after a target’s family.”

Powerful capo Jimmy “Beat the Meat” Burke doing the perp walk

And what better way for them to do this than use their “power” to charge anyone with a vowel at the end of their name as being a member of “organized crime” under the guise of “protecting” the public from these “dangerous individuals” so that Spota and his criminal associates could continue their own “criminal enterprise” undetected?

Spota even had an underboss by the name of Christopher “Baldy McPatty” McPartland, many capos, including the powerful James “Beat the Meat” Burke (who Spota thought of as a son), and several criminal associates.

They were riding a power wave until an unfortunate incident happened in 2012 causing a spotlight to shine on these cockroaches, forcing them to scurry out of the shadows.

At the time, the sexual deviant “Beat the Meat” Burke was the county’s police chief and a former investigator in the rackets squad. One day in December of that year, someone broke into his department issued SUV and stole an item from the front seat of his vehicle. The items turned out to be a duffle bag filled with dirty little secrets that included sex toys, pornographic DVDs and even Viagra.

“Beat the Meat” went off the deep end that his sexual perversions had been exposed. So, when they caught a suspect later that morning, Burke had a lot of pent up anger from not being able to get his morning “beating the meat” routine started like he usually did.

So, to relieve himself and work out some of that anger, he was going to be sure to make a point to whoever violated him that you don’t fuck with cops, especially cops in the “Inner Circle” who had dirty secrets hidden in their car.

Burke’s criminal associates arrested Christopher Loeb, a drug addict with a criminal record who ended up being handcuffed in an interrogation room where Burke proceeded to push him to the floor, violently “beat” him, and call him derogatory names, all while Burke’s associates watched with glee, perhaps wishing they could take the place of Loeb.

But that special “beating” wasn’t the only thing Loeb endured from the sexually frustrated Burke and the rest of his criminal friends.

Loeb was given a $500,000 bail, a ridiculously high amount for such a minor crime. Plus, Loeb’s case was assigned to Spota’s top aide, “Baldy McPatty” McPartland, who wanted to make sure Loeb would pay the price for his actions.

However, Loeb wasn’t going to sit quietly. But he also didn’t think anyone would believe him, especially after McPartland said that his word against the word of “law enforcement” would die in the wind, and he would be mocked by everyone who heard his “imaginary” story. Still, Loeb decided to make the leap anyway and publicly accused Burke and the police of assault.

Underboss Christopher “Baldy McPatty” McPartland

Suprisingly, his accusations were taken seriously and the investigation began. So, Spota and McPartand kicked their warped sense of “justice” into high gear and got even nastier to those around them.

According to prosecutors, while Spota and McPartland were being investigated, they “pressured witnesses to refuse to cooperate with investigators, lie under oath and withhold relevant information from the FBI.”

As Family capo turned informant, former police Lt. James “Jimmy Licky de Balls” Hickey said, “If you cross Tom Spota, Chris McPartland, Jimmy Burke, you have made sworn enemies of the three most powerful men in Suffolk County.”

In fact, McPartland told Hickey that if he didn’t do what he said, he’d tell Hickey’s wife about his extramarital affairs.

Family associate turned informant, former police officer Anthony Leto, was also being threatened.

In court testimony, Leto said he was afraid to tell the truth because he thought the police (for which he worked, no less) “would falsely accuse his sons of a crime or plant drugs on them.” (Think about that last part for a minute. Let it sink in….if a fellow police officer was deathly afraid that his fellow officers would plant drugs on his son on falsely accuse them of a crime, Leto must have known it was something being done on a regular basis. So, think of how many innocent citizens have been convicted of crimes because of these kinds of actions by these supposed “protectors of the people.)

While the investigation continued, Spota and the top members of his “administration” started speculating on who the “rats” were who might be cooperating with authorities.

Hickey told Spota that maybe cooperators had been “scooped up or kidnapped,” something law enforcement did to “flip” members of a criminal organization where a potential witness is approached discreetly and persuaded to be interviewed by federal officials.

But Spota didn’t think that was the case.

“The feds don’t do that,” he said. “The feds show up at your house at 6 in the morning. They show up at your job. They try to embarrass you. They’re bad people.”

Former Suffolk County police lieutenant and Family capo James “Jimmy Lickey de Balls” Hickey

Spota also gave Hickey a message to deliver other members of their criminal organization.

“Remind those guys,” Spota said, “what happens to guys who go against the administration.”

It’s interesting that a member of law enforcement would feel the need to threaten potential “rats”. Not only that, you need to ask yourself why a member of law enforcement would call confidential informants (CWs or CIs in official-ease) rats in the first place? Beause if Spota wasn’t running an “organized crime” Family, why use the terms he and other law enforcement officials always claim reputed Italian “organized crime” families use? Only true “crime families” use the term “rats” – according to law enforcement.

But no matter how hard Spota and his top members tried to apply the pressure, his crime Family was crumbling…and fast.

“Beat the Meat” Burke was the first to go down. In 2015, he was indicted and arrested on conspiracy to obstruct justice and violating Loeb’s civil rights.

In February 2016, he pled guilty and was sentenced to a measley 46 months in November of that year. He finished his sentence in November 2018 and is now free as a bird. Maybe he received a lighter sentence because he wasn’t Italian, who knows? But be sure that if he was, he would have gotten a lot more than 46 months behind bars. One additional note to share about Burke’s time behind bars is that during a routine sweep of his cell, prison officials found Oxycontin taped under his bed. Was it “planted” or was “Beat the Meat” trying find some other way to pass the time since he didn’t have his little duffle bag of toys?

McPartland was indicted in October 2017 along with Spota. Both were charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, witness tampering and acting as accessories to the deprivation of the civil rights of Christopher Loeb. In December 2019, they were convicted on all counts. They both face up to 20 years in prison. Their sentencing is set for April 30.

But the story isn’t over yet.

On March 9, 2019, Newsday reported an exclusive story that Suffolk County is suing Spota and McPartland “to recover salary, bonuses and benefits” – to the tune of $630,000. Let me say that again. Six hundred and thirty thousand dollars – which these two felons received while being investigated before they each resigned. And let’s not forget that all of that $630,000 was paid for by TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

It sort of sounds like embezzlement, doesn’t it? So, maybe more charges should be filed against Spota, McPartland, and whoever gave them all that money while they were being investigated because it doesn’t make any sense that anyone would be paid while they’re being investigated for crimes – especially when they hold a public office. Why not just withold their money until the case is resolved? That would seem to be the most logical solution.

Something else that should be noted is that Spota is good friends with Rudy Giuliani – another upstanding “purveyor of justice,” who has more skeletons in his closet than Donald Trump has friends.

Now, we want to make it clear that not all prosecutors and members of law enforcement are corrupt but there seems to be a lot of bad apples in the barrel than there should be. And more and more, it’s becoming quite clear, that many high and mighty prosecutors and law enforcement officials, trying to save the public from “dangerous” Italian men of “organized crime”, are hypocritical bastards with an unsatiated need to flaunt their power all the while commiting crimes and running their own organized crime families in the shadows.

It also makes you wonder what kinds of tactics these “purveyors of justice” used to secure their convictions against their “organized crime” targets – and whether or not there was some shady shit happening there as well. And how many other “purveyors of justice” throughout the country are using the same shady tactics to save the public from “dangerous” men?

If law enforcement can push their brand of justice on a Christopher Loeb, despite what he did, who’s to say, you or I won’t be corrupt law enforcement’s next victim? And, remember to think again, about what Leto said. If a cop says other cops plant drugs on people or falsely accuse them of crimes, who’s to say they won’t try to do that to any of us just because they can?

It’s a more than a scary thought. So, beware of these great “purveyors of justice” (and watch out if you get pulled over or piss off your next door neighbor who might have a friend in office) because these criminals just might sting you if you get in their way.

One final note, if you think the Spota Crime Family is the only crime Family ever to take over Suffolk County’s public offices, you’re sadly mistaken. There was another guy named James M. Catterson Jr., who was also a district attorney – but we’ll save that story for another day.

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