“Uncle Mick,” Urlacher’s Baby Bro Plead Not Guilty In Federal Gambling Case Out Of ChiTown

March 5, 2020 — All eleven people charged in last month’s big-money gambling bust in Chicago pleaded not guilty Wednesday in federal court, including alleged ringleader Vincent (Uncle Mick) Delgiudice and Metawa, Illinois Mayor Casey Urlacher, brother of Chicago Bears’ all-time great Brian Urlacher. The 54-year old Delgiudice lives in Orland Park and according to multiple sources, came up in the bookmaking business in a mob-connected crew linked to the Chicago Outfit’s Southside or Chinatown regime.

Urlacher and veteran Chicago cop Nick Stella, are accused of acting as “agents” for Delgiudice’s on-line offshore sports book based in Costa Rica, directing bettors to Uncle Mick‘s website in exchange for a piece of their losses. According to two sources, the gambling ring paid protection to the mob.

They all face up to five years in prison if convicted of the gambling counts. Delgiudice could get a 20-year term because he was hit with an additional money laundering charge.

Urlacher was elected Mayor of pint-sized Mettawa in 2013 and then re-elected in 2017. He moved to Illinois with his family in 2000 upon his older brother Brian being drafted by the Bears out of New Mexico.

Casey Urlacher played fullback at Lake Forest College and in the Arena Football League. Brian was an 8-time All-Pro at middle linebacker, captaining the franchise to the Super Bowl in the 2006 campaign and retiring in 2012.

Stella, 42, joined the CPD in 2002. He was placed on “desk duty” back in the spring when word of the federal investigation into his activities reached his superiors. The indictment claims the Delgiudice gambling enterprise raked in millions in proceeds from 2016 until last year.

Delgiudice was caught on an FBI wiretap telling an associate he had more than 1,000 clients betting through him. An April 2019 raid of his residence uncovered 1.1 million in cash and another $500,000 in jewelry and bars of pure silver.

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