Mob Hot Spot Was Being Watched By FBI As Homicide Unfolded On Chicago’s Westside

March 3, 2020 — The FBI had a Chicago bar and mob headquarters under surveillance last month when a murder occurred outside the establishment, according to exclusive Gangster Report sources. After the Chicago Police interviewed and released the suspect on February 24, the Feds pushed Cook County prosecutors for homicide charges to be filed, these sources claim.

On Monday, 30-year old Thomas Tansey was charged with murdering Kenny Paterimos, 23, in the late night hours of February 21 on the sidewalk in front of Richard’s Bar on Chicago’s near west side. Richard’s Bar is the longtime nerve center of the Outfit’s Grand Avenue crew, headed by reputed Chicago mafia capo and street boss Albert (Albie the Falcon) Vena. Whether or not Tansey has any connection to Vena’s mob crew or if Vena was present at the time of the incident is unclear.

Tansey, who has a history of violent behavior, stabbed Paterimos to death with a box cutter outside Richard’s Bar at around 11:30 p.m. after an altercation inside the bar was allegedly escalated with a homophobic slur Tansey hurled at Paterimos. Bouncers had tossed Tansey, an ex-Marine, out of the bar minutes earlier. He waited for Paterimos to exit the tavern and then attacked him, according to the arrest warrant. A bloodied Paterimos stumbled back into the bar following being stabbed and collapsed.

As of Monday night, Tansey remained at large. In 2016, Tansey was convicted of assault out of suburban Arlington Heights and received probation.

Paterimos lived in what is referred to as the Windy City’s West Town neighborhood and was known to frequent Richard’s Bar at the Grand Avenue and Halsted intersection. Friends and family members of Paterimos have scheduled a protest outside Richard’s Bar for Tuesday.

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