The Bistro A-Go-Go Hit: Book Finally Closed On Famous Chicago Mafia Murder

February 23, 2020 — The Chicago Police finally cleared a 54-year old mob hit recently, officially putting to bed the gangland slaying of former Outfit loan shark Larry Stubitsch.

Although most of the circumstances surrounding the Stubitsch murder have been known for quite a while, the CPD finally closed the cold case file back in December, as first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times last week. Stubitsch was gunned down by fellow Outfit figure Dickie DeAngelo on the night of September 17, 1966 in front of Bistro A-Go-Go, a one time popular lounge and mob hangout on the Windy City’s Northwest side.

Bistro A-Go-Goby was owned by future Chicago mafia boss Felix (Milwaukee Phil) Alderisio, then a capo and feared hit man in Outfit circles. DeAngelo worked at the establishment and as a collector for Alderisio and had been in a long-standing feud with Stubitsch, who was 29 when he was killed.

Soon thereafter, Milwaukee Phil became boss of the Outfit for a short time before going to prison and then dying behind bars in 1971. DeAngelo died of natural causes in 2007. He had been a Chicago police officer in the early 1960s.

At the time of his murder, Stubitsch’s partner in a loan sharking business was notorious Chicago mobster Frank (Frankie Breeze) Calabrese. During the Family Secrets trial in the 2000s, Calabrese testified about his knowledge of the Stubitsch hit, which he witnessed. DeAngelo told responding police officers he shot gunned Stubitsch because he was trying to rob the Bistro A-Go-Go.

Calabrese was convicted at the 2007 Family Secrets trial of several Outfit-related murders and died in prison serving a life sentence eight years ago. According to his son, Calabrese was ordered to pay Milwaukee Phil Alderisio $500 a month in tribute for Stubitsch after Stubitsch was slain because the pair was at odds with Alderisio and DeAngelo over juice loan territory.

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