Andrew Campos VINDICATED with Hugs and Kisses from the Feds

By MS | February 14, 2020

It looks like “real” justice finally scored a point this week… but what a sweet. well-deserved point it was!

Andrew Campos got an early, albeit begrudging, Valentine’s Day hug and kiss from the FBI and the U.S. prosecutor’s office last night.

And our justice system finally seems to have worked for once – the way our forefathers had originally intended it to work when the Constitution of the United States was first drawn up and that hallowed document was signed by all the great minds of this fledgling nation.

Campos had been scheduled to appear before U.S. District Judge Rachel P. Kovner late this afternoon to face charges by the Feds that he violated the terms of his bail by allegedly using his daughter’s cell phone while at a doctor’s visit on February 10, 2020.

But it appears that the high and mighty Feds realized the error of their ways, Last night, the Feds decided to withdraw their motion against Campos to revoke his bail.

It was clear to everyone except themselves and a small segment of the salivating general public, that the accusation against Campos was nothing more than a blatant lie to put a man back behind bars for no other reason than the federal government couldn’t stand the fact that he was free on bail.

And also because the Feds had lost that particular argument before a fair-minded judge to hold Campos in prison until his trial date for nothing more than a run-of-the-mill shylocking and business fraud case.

Even a whopping $4,500,000 bail package, pledged up with cash, several properties and other assets by Campos, his numerous loving family members and good friends, who believed in his innocence, was not enough to satisy the Feds.

It irked them so much that they plotted this scam bail violation….making it up in their heads as they went along and dreaming about nothing but seeing Campos back behind bars.

But that’s exactly what it turned into – nothing, except for a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

The only reason why these “purveryors of justice” dropped their motion like a hot potato the very night before a court hearing on it was to be held was because the Feds knew when pushed to the wall, they’d be red-faced and hard-pressed to prove their ridiculous and fraudulent accusations.

It was NOT because they suddenly had an epiphany or jolt of good conscience.

This entire made-up event was nothing more than a case of very sour grapes on the part of several prosecutors and rah-rah FBI “holier than thou” agents.

And the only proof the Feds had of Campos’ alleged bail violation was an obscure picture (below) that proved only that the man had his head down – probably reading a magazine or maybe even napping – but it certainly wasn’t of him using a cell phone.

Because if Campos truly had been doing what the Feds accused him of, as we stated in our Andrew Campos: Just Another Notch in the Feds’ Belt of BS article, the FBI agent’s picture would have been foolproof.

As Henry Mazurek, Campos’ lawyer said in a statement about this incident, “A person’s liberty should not be the subject of the government’s whim.  The government’s motion to detain Mr. Campos was a scary overreach that could have put an innocent person in jail for taking his daughter to a doctor’s visit.  Next time, rather than moving to revoke bail, they should actually investigate first. ”

While this is a small win for Campos and “real justice” in general, what still must be addresssed is the fact that the incident even took place at all.

It should NEVER have happened. Remember, Campos is still an innnocent man. He’s been accused, not convicted.

And this underhanded and dirty trick by the Feds’ has already put Campos’ “right to a fair trial”, at risk because the Feds put him (and continue to put him) on trial in the court of the mass media and public opinion instead of in the courtroom where it belongs and how it was intended and is defined by our Constitution.

However, the worst part is that Campos’ young daughter was unwittingly ensnared into this sick, ongoing game played by the Feds – a complete disregard for even an ounce of human decency – for which the great “protectors of the people” are not ashamed of at all.

And if anyone thinks that this is the last time Campos or any other defendant or even any of their family members (no matter their age) will ever be subjected to this kind of BS harassment by federal authorities, well, you’re living in the Feds’ kool-aid-induced fantasy world.

Because the kool-aid that the Feds have dished out to the public through the mass news media has already taken effect, and the court of public opinon has already turned against Campos as is evidenced by this poster on Reddit:

“Feds fucking with honest people? They have my sympathy. Campos scams people for a living, I don’t care what the feds do with him. “

Who knows if this person will be selected for Campos’ jury trial or if there are any others like this person who may be silent but think the same thing – long before Campos’ jury trial has even begun.

What the Feds have done and what the public fails to realize is that through their manipulation of the narrative, the Feds have succeeded at putting Campos – and any other defendant in this case or any other high-profile case, for that matter – at a big disadvantage.

And his bogus bail violation would never have made headlines in and of itself, either, because it just wasn’t “sexy” enough for most of the general public. So, the Feds used another shady tactic of theirs.

When the Feds went to the media with the story and even when the Feds first brought the indictment against Campos last December, the way they got the big headlines they love was by tying it all in to Frank Cali who has absolutely no relevance to the case at all.

Cali’s brutal murder last March made huge headlines around the world, and his name has, unfortunately, become part of the Feds’ sickeningly sweet kool-aid that keeps their narrative front and center.

Even a court-ordered gag order on Cali’s murder case isn’t enough to keep the hungry Feds at bay because they have found (and will continue to find) every way possible to keep his name in the news and tie it to any case that suits the Feds’ needs.

It’s the one sure tactic available to show the public what a big, bad person Campos is and how great and mighty the Feds are.

And you can also be sure that Campos’ vindication will not make the big headlines his bogus bail violation did.

In fact, it will be surprising if it makes the news at all.

And that, my friends, makes this even a sadder state of affairs for justice than any of us ever thought possible.

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