Andrew Campos: Just One More Notch in the Feds’ Belt of BS

By MS | February 12, 2020

FBI surveillance pic of Andrew Campos “violating” his bail terms.

The Button Guys of The New York Mafia is currently working on an extensive and comprehensive article regarding the Feds and their system of “justice.” It’s a story that needs to be told.

However, sometimes, stories in that same flavor pop up in the news, and they can’t be ignored. The latest twist in alleged Gambino member Andrew Campos’ 2019 indictment is one of these stories.

We won’t relay all the details regarding his indictment. You can go to the Feds page for that.

What we do want to comment on is the story that begins with this: Campos was released on a whopping $4,500,000 bond on December 23, 2019 after a vigorous fight with the prosecution, who wanted to keep him behind bars until his trial.

His bail release was contingent on several factors, including not accessing “any cellular telephones or other internet-enabled devices belonging to his wife and children.”

Before we continue, we need to talk about the preposterous $4,500,000 bail (and, no, all those zeroes are not typos).

If we look at the letter, it details the alleged “crimes” for which Campos was indicted. And, in truth, he received an outrageously high bail for nothing more than a “glorified shylocking” case.

He is not accused of murder in which case he should receive no bail. He’s not accused of smuggling thousands of pounds of deadly fentanyl or heroin where he needs to have his movements restricted. He’s accused of shylocking (basically lending money at a higher rate than is allowed by law), wire fraud (could be anything the Feds dream up), and obstruction of justice (which could mean a variety of inane things, including something as innocuous as not showing up at the police station when the arrest warrant was issued.)

But we don’t get all the specific details, of course – only the juicy, headline-making ones that seem scary when they’re really not.

In addition, bail is ONLY meant to ensure that a defendant returns to court for his or her next appearance. While the Feds claim that Campos would not abide by his bail terms if released, they seemed to forget that in his prior history, Campos followed the rules, showed up at his court appearances as required, and served his time. Without incident.

Let’s continue.

On February 10, 2020, Campos took his young daughter to a doctor’s appointment. His attendance at the appointment was approved by the Court.

Because the FBI and the federal government want to take any and all opportunities available to seek their brand of “justice”, an undercover FBI agent conducted surveillance on Campos and his daughter at said doctor’s office.

This agent, who hid in the waiting room not too far from Campos, recorded in mind-numbing detail every scratch of the nose and blink of the eye that Campos and his teenage daughter did.

And would you believe that after all the effort Campos and his lawyer went through to get released on bail and the subsequent permisson to make this doctor’s visit with his daughter, Andrew Campos – according to the prosecution – broke the terms of his bail.

In a letter presented to U.S. District Judge Rachel P. Kovner, on the same day of this alleged violation, Campos was supposedly “observed” by an undercover agent using his daughter’s cellphone while she was with the doctor.

The agent even took a photo (seen at top of article) of the alleged violation. But, amazingly, the only thing seen in the photo is Campos with his head down. The photo is taken from an angle where you can’t even see the man’s hands. How convenient that an innocuous chair is in the way.

The prosecution even admits in its letter to the Court that, “Although the photograph does not explicitly picture the telephone, it does reveal the defendant’s head down, with his right wrist in front of him, looking at an object, which the agent observed was a cellular telephone.”

If the agent was able to observe Campos with the phone, then why didn’t he or she take a picture with Campos holding the phone? It’s not impossible to do it subvertly. They’re FBI agents. They do surveillance all the time. How could they not have gotten a picture of Campos holding that phone?

Even the simple-minded folks who like to follow weird Walmart people around can take pictures without the person they took the picture of ever knowing a picture was taken.

But a highly-trained FBI agent is unable to do so?

It’s clear that the prosecution has gone out of their way to wrangle what seems to be a bogus bail violation.

They conclude their letter with a mini-novel analysis of how they predicted Campos would violate his bail, how his family would be compliant in his desire to violate his bail terms, and how because of this, he should sit behind bars until trial.

In fact, the letter explicitly states, “The government envisioned that if released, the defendant could, among other things, use a family member’s unmonitored cellular telephone in contravention of any court order. “

And wouldn’t you know it? Their dreams came true.

It should be noted that Campos and his young daughter were accosted by federal agents after they arrived home. They asked him if he used a cell phone. He said no. They searched him and found no cell phone. They searched his car and found no cell phone. They even asked to search his daughter’s cell phone, and she declined, which of course, would make the Feds suspicious.

But here’s something to think about. The Feds had no search warrant. Campos willingly agreed to let them search his car and his person. His daughter “declined” because that’s her right. And if I was his young daughter, I would have done the same exact thing.

Just because they’re the FBI doesn’t give them a right to do whatever they want whenever they want, even though throughout their history, they seem to think that’s the case.

It’s also important to note that the Feds accosted this young woman, (an underage teenager, no less) for no reason. She was and is an innocent American citizen who was subjected to intimidation all because the Feds were bent out of shape that her father was out on bail. And let’s not even discuss the embarassment she must have felt by this intrusion on her rights.

Were these FBI agents hatched or were they born to a mother and father and have children themselves? How would they feel if they were in Campos’ shoes? How would they feel, regardless of the “crimes” they were being accused of, if FBI agents appeared in their official uniforms, waving their official badges at the front door of THEIR home, and started hassling their own children for alleged crimes they – not their child – committed?

How disgusting! They should be ashamed of themselves. (But, of course, they’re not.)

And think about this, too. Think about all the taxpayer dollars being spent following a guy around trying to catch him in a bail violation because they’re upset he was released on bail in the first place. Money spent on the salary of not only the agent surveilling Campos but also on the agents who greeted Campos and his young daughter at their home. The money spent for the paralegal to type up the letter. The money spent to file the letter. The prosecution’s time. The judge’s time.

None of this is free. But the feds want to continue to feed the public their special brand of kool-aid that this must be done in the name of “justice”.

It’s a case of David vs. Goliath.

The Feds use taxpayer dollars to fund their fight while the defendant – or victim of injustice – has limited resources with which to defend himself. And by shackling him the way Campos has been shackled with ridiculous bail restrictions to begin with, and with the threat of being thrown into a tiny jail cell where he is severely limited in his ability to work on preparing his defense….why even bother?

Just shoot him now because the odds are stacked against him in the earliest stages of the game that the Feds love to play.

And most importantly, don’t forget the fact that Campos has not even gone to trial yet to face the various accusations against him. And these are JUST accusations.

We live in a country where we are supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty.”

Yet, in Campos’ case, the federal government is already putting him on trial in the public eye through actions such as these.

Who here can say that Campos will get a fair trial when the time comes with this mucked-up system of “justice” where our taxpayer dollars are spent to satisfy the needs of the high and mighty FBI and federal prosecutors who throw a tantrum any time they don’t get their way?

And who go out of their way to throw “justice” to the wind to fit their whims?

It’s a sad state of affairs not only for Andrew Campos but for all of us.

And the funny thing is that if you keep note of these “rah rah” prosecutor’s names, in five or ten years, these “purveyors of justice” will probably retire from the prosecutor’s office and go into private practice, and will all of a sudden decide they want to defend the very same “alleged mobsters” they couldn’t resist hassling and desperately wanted to put behind bars when they were working for the government.

Why? Because it’s BIG MONEY. Even better, they might decide to pursue public office because riding on the coattails of a successful case against the mob helps pave that golden road to the top.

Sickening doesn’t even begin to describe the way the Feds operate.

So, good luck, Andrew Campos. You’re going to need it.

This story is only a SPECK of the kind of behavior the Feds have shown throughout history – as we will detail in our forthcoming investigative article….

You can read the prosecution’s full letter below either by downloading to your computer or clicking on the link to open in another page.

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