From C-Town To Steeltown: State Supreme Court Orders New Trial In ’03 Pittsburgh Narcotics Murder

February 3, 2020 – Midwest drug world figure Michael (Cleveland Mike) Duncan was awarded a new trial by the Pennsylvania Superior Court for a 2003 gangland slaying committed near Pittsburgh. The 43-year old Duncan hails from Cleveland but moved to the Pittsburgh area in the early 2000s and went to work for local drug boss John (The Judge) Bronson.

In 2012, Duncan and Bronson found guilty at a jury trial of murdering Johnny Newman, another employee of the organization who he and Bronson found out was cooperating with police. Newman was shot to death inside his car, parked on the street outside his California, Pennsylvania home on the evening of February 4, 2003. California, PA is 35 miles south of the Pittsburgh border.

The higher court ruled that Duncan’s attorney should have informed the jury of one of the main witnesses against him receiving an immunity deal from prosecutors and failing to do so deprived him of adequate defense counsel. Bronson sold marijuana and prescription pills in bulk. While unsuccessfully trying to negotiate his own cooperation deal with police, he found out Newman had been informing on him and is alleged to have given Duncan the murder contract after a different employee of his declined it.

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