Rizzuto family remains in control as the Bloody Montreal Mafia War comes to an end

The bloody Montreal Mafia War has definitely taken a toll but the mighty Rizzuto crime family has not only survived they have seemingly re-established themselves as a dominant force.

It seemed as if the demise of the once-great organized crime family was imminent after the family lost several key leaders including longtime godfather Vito Rizzuto. Their enemies had struck a blow to the heart of the Sicilian based Montreal Mafia clan. But after several years of instability and adversity, the powerful crime family has found a way behind the strength of a new generation of leaders to maintain its grip on the Montreal underworld. Things may never again be as they were under Don Vito but the Rizzuto’s seem ready to move forward.


Montreal Mafia War

“Stefano Sollecito and Leonardo Rizzuto”


The brutal mafia war in Montreal spiraled out of control leading to over 30 murders. The deaths of brother Sal Scoppa and Andrew Scoppa has seeming brought an end to the conflict. The Calabrian linked Scoppa’s were aspiring to seize what they saw as an opportunity to take control of the Montreal Mafia. The Rizzuto family made it perfectly clear that the Sicilians were still in charge.

Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito and seen as the new powers atop the Rizzuto organization. Sollecito has emerged as the family’s new boss according to various sources and reports with Leonardo at his side. Francesco Arcadi has stepped back in as a key player within the family after his release from prison. Fellow mobster Francesco Del Balso also seems to be back into the fold. The Rizzuto’s are seemingly as strong as they have been since the start of the brutal conflict some six years ago.

The family is once again forming key alliances which once again includes the mighty Hells Angels MC. While the Italian Mafia families were at war the Hells Angels were strengthening their position and now have more leverage than ever across Canada. Some believe the HA’s may now be the more dominant force when it comes to organized crime. But key members of the MC including Salvatore Cazzetta and Martin Robert have reportedly pledged their support for the new Rizzuto regime.

Stefano Sollecito certainly seems to have a firm grip on things. According to a Journal De Montreal report, he had visits from several influential members of organized crime at his birthday party back in October. Mafia leaders Pietro D’Adamo and Giuseppe Focarazzo were in attendance along with Stéphane “Fess” Plouffe and Salvatore Brunetti from the Hells Angels. In the company of his new allies, Sollecito reportedly said: “Violence is bad for business.”

Another key alliance has been agreed to between the new Rizzuto leaders and mobster Vittorio Mirarchi. He was a key lieutenant under former Rizzuto family leader Raynald Desjardins. It was Desjardins that played a key role in the attempted coup against the Rizzuto’s. While this newly formed bond may put Mirarchi back in good standing it likely won’t save Desjardins who will almost certainly be marked for death upon his release from prison.

As the new year gets underway we will certainly be keeping on eye on these key players. Stefano Sollecito, Leonardo Rizzuto, Francesco Arcadi, Salvatore Cazetta, Martin Robert, and Mario Brouillette. It seems like they have come together to form the new powers that be in Montreal. It will be interesting to see if this new group can bring with it renewed peace and stability to the region. The Montreal Mafia war seems like it may finally be settled!


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