The Food Industry and LCN – Part II

Restaurants, catering halls…

Bars, nightclubs, lounges…

Fast-food joints, food trucks…


• The Pygmalion (Joseph Lapi and Frank Caruso)

• Rainbow Gardens (Michael Coppola)

• Balinese Supper Club (George Smurra)

Frank Costello

The Copacabana

The Stork Club

The Latin Quarter

• Casa Bianca Restaurant (Joseph Schipani)

• The Little Napoli Restaurant (Vincent Plumeri and Frank Dioguardi)

• The Dixie Tavern (Gaetano Marino)

Rao’s Restaurant (Vincent Rao)

Frank Manzo

>> Villa Capra

>> Capri Pizza

Thomas Ocera

The Manor East Caterers

The Manor Restaurant

Joseph Cirelli

>> Villanova Restaurant

>> Bella Napoli Restaurant

Anthony Zappi

Pudgie’s Chicken chain (w/Robert Mauro)

Capri Pizza

Villa Chiara (w/Robert Mauro)

Dominick Cataldo

>> The Kennedy Inn

>> Villagio Italia Restaurant

• The Queens Terrace Catering (Joseph Colombo)

• Cardiello’s Bar (Joseph Cardiello)

• Ponte’s Restaurant (Angelo Ponte)

CasaBlanca Restaurant (Joseph Massino and Louis Restivo)

• Four Corners Restaurant (Harry Fontana and John Robilotto)

• The Stage Bar (Vincent Ciraulo)

• King Caterer’s Depot (Joseph Massino and Salvatore Vitale)

Valentino’s Supper Club (John and Rosario Gambino)

• Ray’s Pizza (Ralph Cuomo)

• The Ravenswood Inn (Anthony Vitta)

• La Martinique Cafe (Angelo DeCarlo)

Bobby Rubino’s ribs chain (Ettore Zappi and Paul Castellano)

• Orlando Restaurant (John DelMastro and Anthony Corallo)

• Lido Restaurant (Joseph Valachi)

• Vivere Lounge (Cosmo DiPietro)

• Duke’s Tavern (John DeNoia and Vito Genovese)

The 500 Club (Paul D’Amato)

• Lanza Restaurant (Gaetano Greco)

• Cafe Giannini (Baldassare Amato)

Patrissy’s Restaurant (Peter DeFeo)

• The 19th Hole (Christopher Furnari)

• The Bamboo Room (Angelo McConnach)

• The Monterey Club (Nicholas DeBene)

Vincent’s Clam Bar chain (Andrew DeLillo)

• The Vogue Room (John Biello)

• Margene’s Luncheonette (Eugene Tramaglino)

Paul Vario

My Father’s Place

The Dome


231 Disco

The Malibu

Channel 80

Frank Campione and John Franzese

>> The Claridge Supper Club

>> The Hidden Barn

Anthony Polisi and John Franzese

Aquaduct Motor Inn Lounge

Kew Motor Inn Lounge

Frank Mangiapane

The Monastery

Ripples on the Water

Broadcaster’s Inn

Modesto Barra and Rocco and Joseph Barra

>> Capri Lounge

>> Monterey Club

Giuseppe Ganci

>> Al Dente Pizzeria

>> Al Di La Pizza

Matthew Ianniello

>> Mr J’s Bar

>> Marty’s Town Crest Restaurant

>> The Forty Niner (w/John DiPilato)

>> Bamboo Bar

>> Broadway Pub (w/Alfred Ianniello)

Umberto’s Clam House

The Peppermint Lounge (w/ John Biello)

SPQR Restaurant

>> Rialto (w/Benny Cohen)

>> The Aquarium (Ianniello and Cohen)

>> Philco Brokerage Corp. and M & M Trading Corp. – front companies for nightclub ownership

Salvatore Granello

>> Mansfield Lounge

>> The Hawaiian Room

>> Little Copa Club

>> The Headline Bar (w/Dino Conti)

• Fontainebleau Restaurant (Frank Moccardi)

• The Montclair (Louis and James Calo and Anthony Napolitano)

New Corner Restaurant (Armando Rava)

• Vincent’s Clam Bars (Vincenzo Generoso)

• Paisano Bar (Nicholas Martello)

Pasquale Macchiarole

Ranieri’s Restaurant

The Golden Chariot

• Ruggero Restaurant (Joseph Zito and Anthony Russo)

• Tri Amici Restaurant (Michael Maione)

Savoia Restaurant (Sabato Falgiano)

• LaComedie Restaurant (Tony Mirra)

• Taormina Ristorante (Joseph Corrao)

Joseph Laratro and Joseph Lucchese


The Sapphire Room

Victor Orena

>> Strawberry’s Restaurant & Disco

>> Club G

>> Mimmo Restaurant

Joseph Schipani

The White House (w/Joe Doto)

Uncle Sam’s Disco

Joseph Vitacco

>> Shades of Blue Nightclub

>> Capri Pizza

John Franzese

>> The Flamboyant

>> The Miami Bar

>> Les Jardin Disco

>> The Clam Box

The San Su San Nightclub

>> Sorrento’s Restaurant

>> University Club

>> The 769 Club

>> The Orchid Room (w/Frank Tieri)

>> Illusions (w/Joseph Colombo)

Pasquale Catalano

>> The Gardens

>> The Chariot

Michael Sabella

CaSaBella Restaurant

Robert Falvo

>> The Polo Club Restaurant

>> The Fiddle & Bow Supper Club

>> Club Camillo Restaurant-Caterer

>> The Clam Box (w/John Franzese)

>> Tivoli Accent Room

>> University Club (w/John Franzese)

>> Bobby G’s Headliner Club

Vincenzo Morsellino

>> Capri Restaurant

>> Grand Bar

Joseph and Alphonse D’Arco

The Burger Palace

La Donna Rosa

Pasquale & Wong Restaurant

• Fello’s Lounge (Willy, Joseph, and Barney Fello)

• Pep McGuire’s (Carmine Locascio)

Ciro Perrone

>> Don Peppe Restaurant

>> The Arena Disco

>> Ciro’s Luncheonette

• Tommy’s Bar (John Stopelli)

• Jennie’s Restaurant (Anthony Castaldi)

Joe & Mary Ristorante (Giuseppe Turano)

• Guy’s Restaurant (Benny Bellanca)

• Hi-Way Tavern (Vincent Napoli)

Paul Correale

>> The Bazaar Room

>> The Late Edition Club

>> The Jefferson Major Club

>> The Golden Door (w/Vincent Mauro)

Louis Pacella

>> Sepret Tables Ristorante

>> Little Napoli Restaurant

Casella’s Resraurant (Martin Casella)

Aniello Dellacroce and Anthony DeLutro

After-Hours “bottle clubs”

>> 123 Club

>> The Swing Rendezvous

>> Mr. D’s

>> Aquarius

>> Earth

Gay bars and restaurants

After-hours clubs

Topless bars and clubs

Both the Genovese and Gambino Families had the most pervasive influence in this sector of the food and liquor business.

Matthew Ianniello

>> Mardi Gras

>> The Wagon Wheel

>> The Bohemia

>> The Haystack

The Metropole

>> Ditzies

>> The Two Penny

>> The Haymarket

>> The Gilded Grape

>> The Washington Square

>> The Tenth of Always

>> The Cats Eye

….and (w/Benjamin Cohen) in many other bars and nightclubs. They owned the NY Bar & Grill Exchange; a business broker for the buy/sale of liquor licensed premises.

It was estimated that Ianniello and company had upwards of 80 to 100 licensed premises at one time.

Sonny Tobin and Matthew Ianniello

>> Blue’s Bar

>> Sally’s Hideaway

>> Tap-a-Keg Bar

Anthony DeLutro and Neil Dellacroce

>> Penthouse

>> Top of the Town

>> The Mystique Club

>> The Sewer

>> The Posh Place

The Anvil

Paul DiBella, Nicholas DiMartino, and Michael Umbers

>> Christopher’s End

>> New Showplace

>> Come Back

>> Zodiac

>> Thespian

>> Never Too Late

>> Silver Palace

>> 15 Barrow Street

>> The Haven

>> The Telstar Social Club

Carmine Tramunti and Thomas Mancuso

The Mouse Trap

Pussycat Lounge

Michael Zaffarano

>> Broadway Arms Private Club

Anthony Mirra and David Petillo

>> Chickie James Stable

David Petillo

>> The Grapevine Restaurant

>> After-hours club at 11 E.16th Street

Salvatore Granello

>> The Susanna

Frank Dapolito and Ettore Zappi

>> Goldfingers Gentlemen’s Club

Vito Genovese and Anthony Strollo

>> The Black Cat

>> The Gold Key Club

>> Dave’s Blue Room

>> The Gay 80’s

>> Cherry Lane

>> Club Savannah

>> The 19th Hole

Figaro Cafe

>> Club 82 (w/Steve Franse)

>> Davi Club

>> Calvin’s

>> The Piccolo Club

>> Frank’s

>> The Hollywood

>> The Bon Soir

>> Rocco Restaurant

…. and with Vincent Mauro

>> The Casbah

>> Moroccan Village

Joseph Cataldo

El Dorado

Heat Wave

Tony Pastor’s

….among many others

Ettore and Guido DeCurtis

>> Stonewall

>> The Comedy Corner

>> Mystique Lounge

>> Mystique Private Club

>> Pompier Restaurant

>> Log Cabin

>> Mr. Roberts

>> Baps

>> Fawn

>> The Checkerboard

>> Cafe de Lys

>> Aldo’s

>> Black Knight

>> The Magic Touch (w/Daniel Fatico)

Cuba and England

• Casablanca

• Treasure Isle

• The Colony Club in London

The Capri (Charles Tourine)

South Florida

• Dixie Dunbar Restaurant (Benjamin Robilotto)

• Plantation Restaurant (Jake and Meyer Lansky)

• Falcone Restaurant Supply Corp. (Salvatore Falcone)

• Club Harmony (Emanuele Cammarata)

Pasquale Erra

Ronde Bar

The Dream Bar

Dean Martin’s Restaurant

Albion Bar

Temple Meat-Packing Co.

Frank Dioguardi

>> Little Napoli Restaurant (w/Vincent Plumeri)

>> Angelo Palange’s Restaurant

>> The Skyview Lounge

Five O’Clock Club

>> Cairo’s Nightclub

>> Casa Maria Restaurant

>> La Rosa Restaurant

>> Alberts Fisheries (w/Joseph Indelicato)

This list could have gone on forever. Literally thousands and thousands more establishments.

I pulled this information from the bios we’ve written, our story lines, from memory, and a basic knowledge of New York’s landscape.

But I think the point has certainly been driven home. “The boys” have been very ambitious over the years! Lol….. and in my opinion, at least, this is one department that I think we New Yorkers and tourists alike have benefitted.

I can’t imagine (I wouldn’t want to imagine) a Big Apple nightlife and entertainment mecca devoid of the mob!

How boring would that have been?

End Note: In 2017, a study revealed strong evidence that at least 5,000 restaurants and cafes in Italy were owned or invested in by the Mafia. And Italian law enforcement feels that the true number is upwards of 15,000…… so it seems that regardless of what side of the ocean you’re on, mafiosi are simpatico in their love of cuisine!

The Food Industry and LCN – Part I

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