Nicholas Corozzo released from prison but does he still have a place within the Gambino Family

Nicholas Corozzo has been released from prison after serving more than thirteen years behind bars.

Corozzo was indicted back in 2008 on both state and federal charges. The federal charges were part of Operation Old Bridge which targeted Gambino crime family mobsters in both the U.S. and Italy. He was charged with the two murders and other racketeering charges in the federal case and various charges including enterprise corruption by the state. The feds identified him as one of the new acting bosses of the New York Mafia family along with fellow mobster Jackie D’Amico. Operation Old Bridge also ended with convictions of other high profile Gambino family mobsters including D’Amico, Joseph Corozzo, Frank Cali and current boss Domenico Cefalu.

Nicholas Corozzo

Nicholas Corozzo

Nicholas “Little Nick” Corozzo

When the Old Bridge indictments landed Nicholas Corozzo got tipped off by his daughter that the feds were arresting Gambino family members. He went on the run and the mafia leader was even featured on the hit show America’s Most Wanted. But after just four months on the run, he had enough and surrendered to authorities. He would eventually plead guilty in July of 2008 to the state enterprise corruption charges and was found guilty by the jury of the two murders.

The 79-year-old mobster honored the long-held mafia code of silence but does that mean he still has a place in the current Gambino family. Today the NY Mafia family is controlled by its Sicilian faction behind boss Dom Cefalu and underboss Lorenzo Mannino.

The untimely death of Frank Cali left a temporary void within the family’s administration but that has quickly been filled by the organized crime family. If Nicholas Corozzo wants back into the mix he could step back in as a captain as the family admin seems to be already set in place.

He is still facing a few years of supervised release and he could always opt for retirement and live out the rest of his years in peace. Although that is a route seldom taken by old school mobsters like Corozzo. So there will be plenty of eyes on him watching to see how things progress.

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