In The Dog House Again: Outlaws MC Bigwig In Boston Burned For Parole Violation

November 19, 2019 Boston Outlaws Motorcycle Club power Joseph (Joe Dogs) Noe was nailed last week for violating his parole restrictions. The 45-year old Noe was arrested for associating with known felons, specifically attending an Outlaws’ fundraiser. Joe Dogs served as boss of the Taunton, Massachusetts chapter of the Outlaws in the 2000s before going to prison for nearly a decade on a drug and weapons conviction. He was released in 2015.  

Joseph (Little Jo Jo) Noe, Jr., Joe Dogs’ son and a member of the Outlaws Fall River, Massachusetts chapter was slapped with a murder charge last month for the fatal shooting of a rival biker club member outside a local bar. The Fall River chapter is one of five new chapters for the Outlaws in New England (three in Massachusetts, one in Rhode Island and one in Vermont). Placing the clubhouses in factory town Fall River, summer-vacation staple Cape Cod and working class Plainville, the Outlaws intend to envelop the entire Southeastern Massachusetts coastline according to the internal memo.

Noe, Jr., 25, allegedly shot Sidewinders MC member Eric Voshell on September 13 after he was converged on in the parking lot of J.C.’s Cafe by Voshell and others Sidewinders clubbers. Noe, Jr. has pleaded not guilty and is being held without bond.

The Sidewinders are known as a “support” club of the Hells Angels. Tensions between the Outlaws and the Sidewinders have been boiling all year, according to local media reports, with the murder of Voshell the third incident in 2019 where police have been called in response to brawling and heated verbal altercations between the two groups.

Voshell was 39. J.C.’s Cafe is known as a Sidewinders hangout. On the night of Voshell’s murder, Noe, Jr. and several other Outlaws were booted from the establishment.

The Outlaws and Hells Angels have been at war since 1974 when three Massachusetts Hells Angels were executed in a Florida gravel pit as revenge for an attack on an Outlaw in New York months earlier. While the Outlaws are based out of the Midwest, the Hells Angels headquarter out of California.

Bruce (Monster) Sartwell, the Outlaws’ boss in Brockton, Massachusetts, was busted earlier this month on weapons charges. Sartwell has pleaded not guilty and behind bars awaiting trial.

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