Castellammare del Golfo Cosca History

There have been many notable mafiosi who originated from Castellammare into North America to become major underworld players.

Many “Families” created in America were formed or led by Castellammarese. These include Maranzano/Bonanno (NYC), Palmeri/Magaddino (Buffalo), Milazzo (Detroit), etc.,….. but little is known of the origins as well as the “ongoing” Family membership of the Castellammarese back in Sicily.

The following list of names, all either born in, or having descended from Castellammare del Golfo and it’s neighboring towns, were primary players in the American underworld landscape from the early 1900’s through modern times.

The Buffalo, Detroit, Bonanno’s of New York City, Philadelphia, Binghamton and San Jose Families all germinated from Castellammare roots. And these men (among many others I did not name) were integral to the Mafia’s formation in this country, many were original bosses of these crews.

Almost to a man they had come over “on the boat” from Sicilia, first settling down in New York City with their amici and blood family where there were several large contingents of Castellamarese neighborhoods of which Williamsburg in Brooklyn and along Elizabeth Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy were the most prominent.

Later they would fan out to key cities across the U.S. where other Sicilians had settled before them, the various “Little Sicily’s” of Binghamton and Buffalo, Detroit, Philadelphia, and elsewhere….but regardless of where they moved to, consider these Castellammarese colonies as one, because they were very fluid back and forth to New York City as their help was needed.

The following 95 mafiosi are perfect examples of this migration and fluidity and are as follows:

Salvatore (Don Turiddo) Maranzano • Dominick (Mimi) Sabella • Angelo Puma

Francesco Puma • Giovanni (John) Bonventre • Giuseppe Bonventre

Pietro Bonventre • Vito Bonventre • Salvatore Bonanno

Giuseppe (Joe Bananas) Bonanno • Salvatore (Bill) Bonanno

Francesco (Frankie Carroll) Garofalo • Vincent Garofalo • Pietro Crociata

Francesco Crociata • Giovanni Carollo • Vito Giallo • Giuseppe Venza

Vito Caradonna • Pasquale (Patsy Tango) D’Auria • Pietro Alese

Vittorio Anello • Mariano (Marty) Galante • Camillo (Lilo) Galante

Gaspare Galante • Giovanni DeFilippi • Giuseppe DiFilippi

Pasquale (Patty) DeFilippi • Vito DeFilippi • Gaspare (Gasparino) DiGregorio

Anthony (Tony D) DiGregorio • Domenico DiGregorio • Bartolomeo (Bart) DiGregorio

Antonio DiGregorio • Matteo (Matty) DiGregorio • Sebastiano DeGaetano

Vito Buccellato • Joseph Spadaro • Giovanni (Angel Eyes) Torre

Giovanni (John) Tartamella • Sereno (Bobby T) Tartamella • Francesco Tartamella

James Genna • Girolamo (Jerry) Asaro • Vincenzo Asaro • Francesco Bonomo

Antonio Domingo • Santo (Big Santo) Vultaggio • Pietro Turrigiano

Pietro Caleca • Vincent Danna • Camillo Caiozzo • Pietro (Petrino) Caiozzo

Bartolomeo (Bart) Fontana • Natale (Joe Diamond) Evola • Michele (Mikey Adams) Adamo

Antonio (Tony Adams) Adamo • Mariano (Marty) Frazzitta • Antonio DiBenedetto


• Salvatore Sabella


Giuseppe (Joe the Barber) Barbara • Carlo Barbara • Ignazio (Sonny) Cannone

Frank Cannone • James Coppola • Salvatore (Sam) Galante

Pasquale (Patsy) Turrigiano • Pasquale (Patsy) Sciortino


Stefano (Steve) Magaddino • Antonio (Nino) Magaddino • Gaspare Magaddino

Peter Magaddino, Sr. • Nicolo Longo • Angelo (Buffalo Bill) Palmieri

Paolino (Paul) Palmieri • Simone Borruso • Filippo (Philly) Mazzara

Giuseppe Anello • Gaspare Bongiorno • Dominick Sabella

Giuseppe Asaro • Joseph DiBenedetto • Calogero (Charlie Buffalo) DiBenedetto


Gaspare Milazzo • Rosario (Sasa) Parrino • Giuseppe Parrino

Antonio Buccellato • Pietro Buccellato • Frank Buccellato

• Michelangelo Vitale


• Sebastiano (Buster) Domingo… and other Domingo relatives


Prospero Mule • Vito Mule • Girolamo (Momo) Adamo • Santo Manfre

The Buccellato clan seems to be either a stand-alone Family or major ongoing members of that town’s mafia.

Many of them emigrated to the US where they had an ongoing conflict for power with the Madaddino’s both in the NY/NJ and Detroit areas among other towns.

Eventually, they seem to have faded from power — at least in America. But back in Sicily, in Castellammare, they seem to have thrived and continued to lead.

In researching Castellammare history, from the 40s through at least the 80s with the Corleonese Riina, there were killings of Buccellatos and other town mafiosi during that power play by Riina and Provenzano.

We, here at Button Guys, are currently further researching to learn more about the “composition’ of the modern day family membership in Castellammare.

In researching news articles in Sicily, I know that the names Mariano Saracino, Diego Rugeri, Ambrogio Farina, and several others appear as members. And it was alleged in an Italian government document that the Castellammare cosca had approximately 70 to 90 members.

We are currently composing a list of their actual current members.

I believe the name Bonanno is no longer there. Magaddino was a name still involved in OC in that town.

Several Magaddinos were arrested in the 80s, — if memory serves me. They have had several arrests in recent years listing some members but it’s very limited in who I’ve been able to name as a member there.

Here are several names of current “players” in the Castellammarese “cosca”.

They have all been indicted in the last few years for extortion, concrete monopoly rackets, government bribery, etc…. we are currently researching to add to this membership list:

Vito Turriciano • Vito Badalucco • Martino Badalucco • Vincenzo Artale

Antonino Bonura • Michele Sottile • Diego Rugeri • Girolamo Minore

Giuseppe Buccellato • Toto Minore • Vincenzo Asaro • Vincenzo Rimi

Vito Vitale • Antonino (Nino) Buccellato • Natale Evola • Giuseppe (Peppino) Evola

Trapani is the “district” that includes both Castellammare, Alcamo, Scopello, and several other areas.

Minore is the surname of many original Castellammare “Men of Honor”.

Toto Minore was a Castellammarese.

Vincenzo Rimi — it’s true, he was boss of Alcamo, not Castellammare per se, but his daughter married a Buccellato, so he was almost like a “father-in-law” and advisor for Castellammare to his son-in-law, especially as they lost several family members to the violence.

Rimi, watched out for them they were “related” after all. So, he too was, if not Castellammare-based, a figure relative to their “cosca”.

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