Gangs of Montreal Episode 2: Kings of coke

It was the night before Valentine’s Day 2019, and a Montreal drug dealer who made international headlines for brazenly smuggling cocaine through the city’s international airport lay semi-conscious on the ground near his car.

Passersby in the quiet Laval neighbourhood saw him and called for help.

It was only when first responders got him to a hospital that they realized Ray Kanho, 42, had been shot in the head.

He died the next day — the latest casualty in the fight to control Montreal’s lucrative cocaine trade.

Montreal’s underworld has gotten rich — very rich — from sneaking the drug into the city by car, by air, by boat, and inside people, packages and shipping containers.

In Episode 2 of our new podcast, The Dark North: Gangs of Montreal, we go back to the 1980s, when cocaine really took off in Montreal.

Montreal’s main criminal gangs — the Rizzuto-led Montreal Mafia, the Hells Angels biker gang and the West End gang — worked together to bring immense amounts of cocaine into the city. It’s a partnership that lasted for years.

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