Hidden Mob Paradise

Long Beach, Long Island, and it’s adjoining neighborhoods have always been a desired summer vacation destination.

But after WWII, Long Island and the peninsula of Long Beach, Lido Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Point Lookout, in particular, became a very desired place to live and vacation.

Advertised as a pristine environ for the rich, the famous, politicians, movie stars, regular folks, and subsequently mob figures alike, were drawn to its sandy shores.

By the early 1950s, many mobsters from all the Families and their close affiliates were converging on the area in record numbers.

The Genovese and Lucchese mobs in particular favored the area.

The following list names some of the more infamous, and some not so infamous figures, who chose this area. I will list according to neighborhood and affiliation.

This list is by no means all-inclusive but names most of the more prominent of the hoodlum set known at that time.

Only Massapequa comes close with this large amount of mob residents, but pound for pound, Long Beach and its neighbors, in my opinion, had it beat.

Point Lookout

John (Johnny Dio) Dioguardi • Salvatore (Sam) Badalamente

Lido Beach

Gaetano (Tommy Brown) Lucchese • Thomas Gambino • John (Big John) Ormento

Andimo (Tommy Noto) Pappadio • Thomas (Tommy Flowers) Plumeri

Long Beach

Daniel (Danny Hogan) Scarglatta • Michael Sabella • Girolamo (Jerry) Asaro

Lawrence (The Fixer) Knohl • Joseph (Joe Socks) Lanza • John (Johnny Futto) Biello

Joseph (Joe Bandy) Biondo • Antonio (Tony the Geep) Sedotto

Atlantic Beach

Michael (Mike) Miranda • Thomas (Tommy Dio) Dioguardi • Frank (Cheech) Livorsi

Lorenzo (Chappie) Brescia • Basil (Bobby Cherry) Cervone • Benjamin (Benny) Levine

Steven Oddo • Joseph (Joe Parker) Morsellino • Michelino (Mike) Clemente

Gaetano (Tommy Palmer) Greco • Frank (Frankie Stutz) Tortorici

Joseph (Joe Shep) Schipani • Samuel (Sammy Schlitz) Schlitten

Island Park

Paul Vario, Sr.

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