Commisso crime family mobster Antonio Fiorda is the latest victim in ongoing Canadian Mafia unrest

Former Mafia enforcer Antonio Fiorda has been identified as the victim in the targeted hit near Sherway Gardens in Toronto on November 4th.

Police were called to the parking lot of a busy strip mall across the way from Sherway Gardens where they found Fiorda. He had been shot several times and would eventually be pronounced dead at a local hospital. According to reports he was known to police as a member of the infamous Commisso crime family. Sources described him as an enforcer and a loan shark for the Calabrian crime family with links to various mobsters including Joe Violi. The Commisso’s are one of the more powerful mafia clans in Canada and have held power for years in the GTA.

Antonio Fiorda

Antonio Fiorda

Antonio “Scratch” Fiorda

The 50-year-old had several run-ins with authorities over the years including an assault conviction and extortion charges. Antonio Fiorda who was also known as “Scratch” was a tough guy that was both feared and respected according to a National Post source. Police sources said, “He was considered a mobster for quite a few years; a periphery player who was always seen as a tough guy.”

While the motive is still unclear Fiorda’s death may be tied to the ongoing underworld unrest in both Ontario and Quebec. The bloody Montreal Mafia war and the fall of the Rizzuto crime family have led to instability within the Mafia across Canada. With both the Sicilian mafia clans and those of the Ndrangheta involved on various levels.

The investigation into the Antonio Fiorda murder is ongoing although so far there are no known suspects.

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