Pagan’s MC Leader In Pittsburgh Picked Up For Directing Attack On Deserter

High-ranking Pagan’s Motorcycle Club member Michael (Montana) Barringer was indicted for felony aggravated assault, attempted murder and witness intimidation last week in state court out of Pennsylvania. According to state prosecutors, back in April, the 59-year old Barringer ordered the beating of Troy Harris, a former Pagan’s full-patcher that left the club on bad terms and joined another lesser-known club known as Sutars Soldiers. Barringer pleaded not guilty and Washington County Circuit Court Judge John DiSalle denied him bail, ordering him held with bond until trial. Harris suffered brain damage from the attack at a Charleroi, Pennsylvania entertainment hall perpetrated by a group of Pagan’s Barringer dispatched. In August, he allegedly sent retired police officer and Pagan’s associate, James (The Bear) Baranowksi to visit Harris and his wife at their home and persuade them not to cooperate with authorities in the investigation. Baranowski was paid $2,500 for the job, with the promise of a $1,500 bonus if Harris stopped talking to the cops. Besides, Barringer and Baranowski, ten other men – mostly Pagan’s – were arrested for the assault in the summer.

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