Halloween Philly Mafia style on this episode of Mob Talk Sitdown

This episode of Mob Talk Sitdown takes a look back at some historical moments within the Philadelphia Mafia that have taken place in October including Halloween.

This Halloween episode of Mob Talk Sitdown with George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser takes a look back at some interesting and still unsolved Philly mafia history. This month marks the 20 year anniversary of the brutal mafia hit on former mob soldier Ron Turchi. According to some reports Turchi was killed because of his association with turncoat Ralph Natale. It was one of the mob rubouts that took place during the Joseph Ligambi era as acting boss. The unsolved Turchi hit is likely one of the hits the feds would like to tie into a current RICO case if they could somehow fit together the pieces.

Mob Talk Sitdown

Mob Talk Sitdown

Mob Talk Sitdown also takes us back to Dante & Luigi’s restaurant on Halloween night in 1989. Nicky Scarfo Jr. was sitting down to enjoy spaghetti and clams when a shooter walked in wearing a Halloween mask and holding a trick or treat bag and shot him multiple times. Even though Nicky somehow survived the brazen attack it was effectively the end of the Scarfo family era in Philadelphia.

According to reports from FBI informants Joey Merlino was the shooter. Joey has long denied having anything to do with the attempted murder. There have never been any charges filed against anyone including Merlino for the legendary Cosa Nostra hit. We may never actually know for sure who pulled the trigger on Nicky Jr. but it seemingly changed the future for many within the organized crime family at the time.

Merlino would eventually take the reins of the Philly mob and has held sway over the family ever since. For more episodes of Mob Talk be sure to follow the guys on YouTube!

Happy Halloween from all of us at About The Mafia!

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