Patriarca Listening Party: FBI In Boston Bugged Mob Making Ceremony In October ’89

October 28, 2019 The feds hit pay dirt 30 years ago this week in Boston when they successfully recorded a mafia induction ceremony held by New England’s Patriarca crime family in the middle of a mob war that would rage well into the next decade. FBI agents in Beantown bugged a small Medford, Massachusetts residence and listened in on the afternoon of October 29, 1989 as members of the Patriarca clan gathered to “make” four new soldiers, three of them a peace gesture to consigliere Joe (J.R.) Russo, who had declared war on crime family leaders in the preceding months. Russo was the overlord of the family’s East Boston crew. The Patriarca crime family has long maintained dual headquarters in Boston and Providence, Rhode Island. When family namesake and longtime don Raymond Patriarca, a Providence underworld legend and the most notorious mob figure in the history of the region, died of a heart attack in 1984, his son Ray, Jr. took over and isolated the organization’s Boston faction headed by the “OG” Russo and his protégé Vincent (Vinnie the Animal) Ferrara of the North End crew. The younger Patriarca aligned with his father’s former prison cell mate, the unhinged Billy (Wild Man) Grasso of Connecticut, naming him underboss, and the ambitious, capable and politcall-savvy Francis (Cadillac Frank) Salemme, a Boston hit man just released from serving 15 years behind bars, his new man in Massachusetts. Salemme did his prison time for a car-bombing attack on a mobbed-up attorney considering testifying against Ray, Jr.’s dad. The rising tensions reached a crescendo in the summer of 1989 when Russo and Ferrara put murder contracts on both Grasso and Salemme’s heads – Grasso was killed on June 16, Salemme was wounded (shot seven times) in a failed hit outside a suburban Boston pancake house that same morning – and threatened to personally strangle Patriarca, Jr. to death if he didn’t cede power immediately at a face-to-face meeting that allegedly brought the weak and ill-equipped mob boss to tears. The FBI was getting a blow-by-blow of the feud from their mole on the inside, Boston mob soldier Angelo (Sonny) Mercurio, a confidential informant. Mercurio had called Cadillac Frank to the pancake house that morning, setting him up on behalf of the Russo group. After the shooting, Salemme retreated to California. By the fall, things had simmered down though thanks to then New York Godfather John Gotti of the Gambino crime family. Gotti summoned Russo to a sit-down and instructed him to make peace, arranging for Russo to get a bump-up to consigliere and a group of his loyalists inducted into the family. As part of the cease fire, the family’s Providence wing got to propose a member as well. For Russo, he proposed Richie Floramo , Carmen Tortora and Vincent Federico. The Medford home at 34 Guild Street used for the ceremony on Sunday, October 29, 1989 – wired for sound the day prior courtesy of a tip from Sonny Mercurio – belonged to Federico’s sister. Federico was in the midst of serving a state prison stint for bookmaking and extortion and secured himself a furlough for the weekend so he could get himself made. From the Providence camp, Robert (Bobby the Cigar) DeLuca, who acted as Salemme’s eyes and ears in Rhode Island, got the nod for his button. Mercurio drove Patriarca, Jr. to the ceremony and lowered the volume on the television set so the FBI sound techs could get a clearer recording. Patriarca, Jr., Russo and Sicilian-born soldier Biagio (Benny the Greaser) DiGiacomo led the ceremony, with DiGiacomo administering the oath in Italian. “You go in alive in this organization and the only way you out is dead….it’s no Jesus, no Madonna, nobody can save you if you give up this secret,” DiGiacomo told the initiates. Patriarca, Jr. tried to ease concerns with the 20 attendees and reassure them that all the bad blood had been settled. “Place all that stuff that got started behind us, bygones are bygones and it will be a good future for all of us,” he said. As Russo and the college-educated Vinnie Ferrara were locking up the house for the evening after everyone else had gone, they ironically spoke of how top-secret the ceremony had been. “Only the ghosts know what took place here today,” remarked Ferrara to Russo while they prepared to leave. Well, Vinnie, the FBI knew too. And within weeks indictments began coming down, nailing almost everyone in attendance. The recording of the making ceremony is considered a crowning achievement in the U.S. government’s fight against the mafia. The ripple effects of the bug and the subsequent bust sent the Patriarca crime family back to war, as Cadillac Frank Salemme returned from California and with Gotti’s backing in New York and a strategic alliance made with Boston’s Irish mob, grabbed the reins as new don himself, and remnants of the Russo crew in East Boston began planning a resistance. Salemme immediately took aim at his enemies and purged any dissidents to his administration in the Russo camp, a body count that reached near double figures.

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