The Outlaws MC Wants More Of New England, Murder In Massachusetts Ramps Up Violence

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club is in the midst of an expansion effort in New England, according to an internal federal law enforcement memo circulated in the summer obtained by Gangster Report. With the opening of a new handful of chapters around the region in recent years, the Outlaws have moved to beef up their presence in an area known for being Hells Angels territory. Per the memo, the Outlaws 12 current New England chapters equals the Hells Angels total.

Joseph (Little Joe Pup) Noe, Jr. of the Outlaws Fall River, Massachusetts chapter was slapped with a murder charge last month on the fatal shooting of a rival biker club member in the parking lot of a local bar. Little Joe Pup’s dad, Joseph (Joe Dogs) Noe led the Outlaws Taunton, Massachusetts chapter in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The 25-year old Noe, Jr. allegedly shot Sidewinders MC member Eric Voshell on September 13 after he was converged on in the parking lot of J.C.’s Cafe by Voshell and others Sidewinders clubbers. The Sidewinders are known as a “support” club of the Hells Angels.

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