Mobsters are still quoting ‘The Godfather,’ wiretapped calls show

Mobsters are still quoting “The Godfather” nearly 50 years after the Mafia masterpiece came out, according to reputed Colombo capo Joseph Amato’s wiretapped phone calls.

Amato, 60, was allegedly giving a soon-to-be associate a heads up about his induction ceremony into the crime family, when he suggested the person dress as well as Emilio Barzini, the 1972 film’s antagonist, according to a transcript of the call, included court documents filed Thursday in Brooklyn federal court.

“You should go to bed early. Did you press your clothes?” Amato asked a friend, identified only as “CC1,” during their alleged Dec. 10, 2018 call.

The pal was going to be “made,” or inducted into the crime family, the next day, the feds allege.

“You’re gonna look like Barzini or what?” Amato asked of the big day, referring to Vito Corleone’s sleekly-dressed nemesis in the movie.

The soon-to-be Goodfella laughed and responded “Barzini.”

“Barzini,” Amato agreed, as if repeating a sacred text. “I’ll see you by my mother’s around 9.”

To which the other guy answered: “You got it.”

Neither men made mention of how Barzini was shot in the back in front of Manhattan courthouse on Michael Corleone’s order.

Court papers note that the next day, Amato, reputed Colombo soldier Thomas Scorcia and the unnamed pal, “all of whom were dressed nicely,” were seen going into Café Di Giorno in Gravesend, according to the court papers, which were filed in Brooklyn federal court.

They were then allegedly spotted hitting up nearby restaurant Panino Perfetto where they stayed for a couple of hours more.

There, “Scorcia and CC1 are believed to have been inducted into the crime family,” the court papers say.

Amato — who in 1995 was convicted in the shooting of a 15-year-old witness to an attempted rubout during the third Colombo family civil war — was among the 20 people busted Thursday on charges including racketeering, loansharking and extortion.

The defendants — who include reputed Colombo soldiers Daniel “The Wig” Capaldo and Vincent “Vinny Linen” Scura, and reputed associate Anthony “Bugz” Silvestro — pleaded not guilty.

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