Behind The Scenes Of BMF TV Show Seems A Bit Chaotic To Say The Least

The BMF television show is probably at least two years away from seeing the light of day on the screen and the behind-the-scenes drama is already raging at full tilt. Hip hop and Hollywood superstar 50 Cent, the creator of the show set to chronicle the life and times of the notorious Flenory brothers and their epic Black Mafia Family drug empire, is sparring in the tabloids and on social media with a co-collaborator on the project and his reality tv star’s wife as well as taking fire on Instagram and Twitter from a longtime bitter rap rival and a one-time BMF crew chief ridiculing his handling of the BMF show.

Leveraging the success of his juggernaut rap career, 50 Cent created the hit tv show Power, premiering on the Starz Network in the summer of 2014 and telling the story of a conflicted New York drug kingpin named “Ghost” St. Patrick. Power only has one season left. Starz will be home to the BMF series as well.

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