Making It Real: Philly Mafia Figure’s 2010 Wedding Wasn’t What It Seemed Feds Suspect

The FBI believes Philadelphia mobster Anthony Staino’s 2010 wedding doubled as an induction ceremony for new members of the Bruno-Scarfo crime family, part of a pattern by the organization in the past two decades of holding “making” rituals at public social gatherings, such as nuptials, christenings and birthday and anniversary parties, pet the most recent Mob Talk Sit Down episode on YouTube.

The 62-year old Staino just got released in the spring from doing a half-dozen years in federal prison for racketeering. Polished and business-minded, Staino climbed through the ranks of the Philly mafia in the 1990s, going from associate to soldier to capo to the storied syndicate’s “CFO” and No. 2 in charge. What position Staino holds today is unknown.

Mob Talk Sit Down is hosted by legendary Philadelphia crime reporters Dave Schratwieser and George Anastasia. Back in 2010, Anastasia broke the news that the FBI subpoenaed photos of Staino’s wedding held at The Atrium in the Curtis Center on the evening of September 11 and attended by then acting boss Joseph (Uncle Joe) Ligambi, the man responsible for mentoring Staino in the Philly mob, and all the major players in the active administration at that time,

Ligambi, 80, retired in the summer after helming the Family on a day-to-day basis for most of the past 20 years on behalf of Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino. The sly and suave 57-year old Skinny Joey is set to be released from a short prison sentence for a gambling offense next week. Merlino has lived in Florida since 2011 however returns to South Philly often to tend to his shop.

Schratwieser and Anastasia have been told that close to 20 buttons have been given out in the last 18 years. More than half of the initiates have came into the fold in the past 8 years per Gangster Report sources.

Gangster Report broke the news of a 2015 making ceremony conducted by Merlino and Ligambi in order to beef up then capo George (Georgie Boy) Borgesi’s crew. Borgesi, 55, allegedly has replaced the well-respected Ligambi as Merlino’s acting boss. Ligambi’s is Borgesi’s actual uncle, his mother’s brother. According to sources, just this decade alone, there have been five makings held (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2018).

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