Mafia rules for being made and ceremony locations have changed plus Philly news on this episode of Mob Talk

On this episode of Mob Talk Sitdown, the guys take a look at how Mafia rules for being made have changed along with the locations of making ceremonies.

Philadelphia mafia experts George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser go over some recent information pertaining to new-made guys and some of the interesting places they may have gotten their buttons. The mafia has always had a knack for being able to adapt and survive. The feds have gotten better at finding out about and locating making ceremonies forcing today’s mobsters to change the status quo. The guys also touch on some other recent happenings in and around the mafia in Philadelphia. So take a couple of minutes to check out the latest episode of Mob Talk with George and Dave!

mafia rules

mafia rules

According to George and Dave mobster Marty Angelina has received a new subpoena to state grand jury. It is still unclear as to what the subpoena pertains to but there has certainly been some recent speculation. They also touch on the recent sentencing of former Scarfo era wiseguy Phil Narducci. He is headed back to prison for a short stay after being sentenced to a year and a day after pleading guilty. At least Phil has always followed the Mafia rules esp Omerta which hasn’t exactly been a staple in recent years.

There will be a bit more buzz in and around the mob family with the upcoming return of alleged boss Joey Merlino. He is still set to be released to a halfway house in October. Questions have surfaced lately after rumors of a possible change at acting boss. Michael “Mikey Lance” Lancellotti had taken the reigns but some reports of recent health issues led to speculation that George Borgesi may have taken over. There will certainly be plenty of eyes on Merlino and that may lead to a better idea of the current Philly Mafia pecking order.

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