D.C. Street Legend Looking For Time-Served Nod, Feds Want Him To Do Another Decade

Federal prosecutors specified their sentence- reduction request for notorious Washington D.C. drug boss Rayful Edmond this week asking U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan to change Edmond’s life sentence to a 40-year term. The 54-year old Edmond has already done three decades behind bars for a non violent narcotics offense. He’s been cooperating with authorities since the 1990s.

Edmond is the most infamous street criminal in the history of the District, pumping 2,000 pounds of cocaine into the region at the peak of the nation’s crack epidemic. Although never charged in any murders himself, the Edmond organization is alleged to have carried out nearly three dozen gangland homicides. Edmond was indicted and jailed in 1989 and found guilty at a 1990 trial.

Back in February, the U.S. Attorneys Office filed a request for Judge Sullivan to reduce Edmond’s life sentence as reward for his extensive cooperation. Edmond’s lawyers are asking Sullivan to resentence Edmond to time served. Sullivan has scheduled a hearing for October to hear arguments and testimony from character witnesses.

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