Four Corner Hustlers Trial In Chicago Left With One Defendant To Face Jury

With this week’s plea deal cut by Keith (Lil’ Keith) Chatman, next month’s Four Corner Hustlers federal drug and racketeering trial in Chicago will only have a single defendant. Chatman, a suspect in more than one gangland slaying, pleaded guilty to narcotics offenses Wednesday. The dreadlocked Chatman’s plea deal states he steadfastly denies involvement in any shootings or killings.

The Four Corner Hustlers are one of the most ruthless street gangs in the Windy City and control large patches of territory on Chicago’s south and west sides.. The hierarchy of the gang was indicted in 2017 and the case was split into two separate trials, dividing the defendants by if they were charged in a homicide or not.

The defendants who haven’t been named in any of the six murders included in the case, were selected to kickoff the legal proceedings off in September. After Chatman’s plea this week capped a summer chalk-full of wheeling and dealing by the defense team, Stevon Sims remains the lone defendant ready to roll the dice with a jury.

Simms, 29, pleaded guilty to narcotics trafficking in a separate 2016 case connected to Four Corner Hustlers activity. He’s represented in his current case by veteran Chitown mob lawyer, the snazzy Joe (The Shark) Lopez, famous for his starring role in the historic 2007 Operation Family Secrets trial.

Marchello Devine, Rontrell (Mane Mane) Turnispeed, De’Andre (Lil’ 12) Spann and Sam (Sammie the Bug) Booker all pleaded guilty recently. The 45-year old Booker, the gang’s main enforcer and alleged No. 2 man, agreed to cooperate in the case and testify against his co-defendants charged with the murders.

Reputed Four Corner Hustlers boss Labar (Bro Man) Spann, the No. 1 target of the federal probe into the gang, is behind bars awaiting the murder portion of the case. Spann, 40, and two co-defendants will go to trial next year, charged with a half-dozen homicides that occurred in the early 2000s. The feds are already investigating them for three more murders in the 2010s.

Lil’ Keith Chatman, 31, is considered a suspect in the double murder of teenagers Cornell Ferguson and Johnqualus Turner in a drive-by shooting on August 2, 2012. The day before Ferguson and Turner had allegedly gunned down Four Corner Hustlers affiliate Dominique (Snoopy) Green, shooting him a dozen times at close range. Green was Mane Mane Turnispeed’s brother and Chatman’s best friend.

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