Hustle Or Die: Pleas Keep Piling Up As Four Corner Hustlers Trial Approaches In Chicago

The Four Corner Hustlers are a notoriously violent and ruthless street gang based mainly on the West Side of Chicago. They’ve always been known for being very thorough in completing crimes, especially murder. One of their leaders, Angelo Roberts (though he is long dead, there is still a 4CH set called‘ Angelo’s Crew), was once arrested trying to buy a rocket launcher to shoot at the front door of the Wentworth Avenue Chicago Police Station. For anyone that knows the streets of Chicago, the “4’s” are not to be toiled with. 8 of the 11 co-defendants in a sweeping Federal indictment against the gang are set to begin, Tuesday, September 3rd. The trial was split earlier this year when it became apparent that the feds were seeking the death penalty 4 of the 11 defendents and delayed those 4 death penalty trials for 1 year. Since that time, one of the 4, Sammie Booker has flipped and began cooperating with the Feds, meaning his trial date stands at September 3rd with 7 of his co-defendants. Court filings show that Booker is one of three cooperating defendants of the 7. The indictment is a sweeping racketeering indictment with acts of murder dating back to the 90s. The target is Labar “Bro Man” Spann, wheelchair bound from a past shooting, he is the undisputed leader of the Four Corner Hustlers. Spann has a notorious reputation on the streets, in Cook County Jail, and in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Read here to see how he controlled the Cook County Jail with an iron fist. Spann is considered a public enemy, so we can expect extra vigor when he finally gets to trial. The highest profile killing in this case is the 2004 murder of Latin Kings Inca Rudy “Kato” Rangel Junior. At first, robbery was floated as a possible motive, as Kato traveled with cash and jewelry. That was a cover story because it was found that Kato stole 150 kilograms ($3 million wholesale to $10 million retail) of cocaine. Kato was known to be a main conduit to the Sinaloa Cartel and therefore was presumed to have stolen the coke.It would be reasonable to extrapolate from court documents that the Sinaloa Cartel hired Spann and the Four Corner Hustlers to whack Kato. This first trial will be a preview of next year’s death penalty eligible trials of Labar “Bro Man” Spann, Tremayne Thompson, and Juhwun Foster for being connected to at least 6 murders, including Kato. This is one of the largest prosecutions of high ranking street gang members in the City’s history. It is sure to open to eyes as to how the drug trafficking and other under economies operate in Chicago. We will be there for daily reporting.

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