Is the Musitano family era at an end in Hamilton? Pat Musitano puts home up for sale

The Hamilton home of Musitano family boss Pat Musitano has been put up for sale.

Many are left wondering if this is a sign that the Musitano crime family era has come to an end. The Musitanos have seemingly been on the losing end of an ongoing mafia war for control of the local underworld. Pat’s brother Angelo Musitano was shot to death outside in the driveway of his Waterdown home back in 2017. In June of that same year, Pat’s home on St. Clair Blvd was hit with a spray of bullets in an apparent attempt on his life. In April of 2019, Pat barely survived being shot multiple times in a mafia hit outside of his lawyer’s office in Mississauga. Then in July, a head-on car crash outside of the home that injured a Musitano family friend had signs that it may have been yet another attempt to take Pat out.

Musitano family home

Musitano family home

“Pat Musitano home/”

It is still unclear as to what rivals are behind the bloody attacks on the Hamilton mafia family. The Musitanos were one of three Italian mafia families that emerged in the Hamilton area. They were able to take control of the local mafia in the 1990s with the backing of Montreal’s powerful Rizzuto crime family. But as is often the case when it comes to the mafia their rise to the top was violent and bloody leaving them with their share of enemies. In 2000 both Pat and Angelo were sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder conspiracy after taking out members of the competition.

By 2006 the brothers were back on the streets and firmly yet quietly in control of local territory. That is until September of 2015 when Pat’s vehicle was set on fire at his home in an apparent arson attack. This would turn out to be the opening act of what is now a clear move to take down the Musitano family. The bloody Montreal mafia war and the death of longtime boss Vito Rizzuto have taken its toll crippling the once-powerful Rizzuto family. With their allies in Montreal weak and rebuilding the Musitano crime family was exposed and it seems their enemies decided it was time to take advantage.

Some believe the remaining members of the Luppino crime family along with the Papalia crime family may be behind the attacks. They would be the logical players in a kind of settling of accounts for the past actions of the Musitano brothers. Although plenty of other theories backed by questionable facts have also popped up including a connection to the Buffalo Mafia family. Court records from a 2018 case included recordings of Domenico Violi and Joe Violi of the Luppino/Buffalo family discussing Pat Musitano along with a 2017 recording that stated Pat was already a marked man have only added fuel to the rumor mill fire.

This is from one of the recorded conversations that were included in court documents… “The [police agent] stated that [he] would have thought that ‘they’ would have gotten rid of [Pat Musitano] before his brother, [Angelo Musitano, murdered in May 2017]. D Violi stated that ‘they’ wanted to show [Pat Musitano]; that it was a message, D Violi thought. They had told D Violi that … [Pat Musitano] would be gone; that would be one headache out of the way”. But it remains unclear as to who was actually calling the shots and had ordered the hits on Pat and Angelo.

The question on everyone’s mind after the failed hit on Pat in April was whether or not he and what remained of the organized crime family could strike back or was this the end of the road. Is this the end of the Musitano crime family era in Hamilton or is Pat getting his family out of harms way before making a final stand? He has been lying low since the last failed hit and its still unclear as to whether he and his family have already moved or where they plan to move to. There will be plenty of eyes on the Hamilton underworld to see what happens next.

If the Musitanos are done we may get a clue into who was behind the bloody conflict by watching to see who steps in to take control of the mafia in Hamilton. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom single-family home is priced at just under $700,000. According to the realtor, there will be no open house.

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